Account binding kit

[Bonnie’s Note] This feature is only available in the paid PRO version.

Easily connect customer information to provide a comprehensive digital experience!

This launch of the account binding kit allows trainers to integrate with the company’s CRM by binding accounts, and thereby provide users with a personalized service experience! More specifically, for all user appointments, order inquiries, or personal reminders, there is no need to build an app or notify the user via SMS. Just connect to the account binding kit to provide customers with a complete digital experience!

New account binding kit

Click “Account Binding” in “Kits

Click “Start Editing” to enter the Lucky Draw kit

Account binding settings

Bind the BotBonnie user ID with the corporate user ID. After the accounts have been bound, the company can use the JSON API to identify specific users in their corporate database and provide personalized services.

Click “Binding Membership” to enter “Click for tutorial

👉Account binding tutorial

Set “Start binding”

Click the “Start binding” module to edit the text that is displayed to the user

Edit the “Login” button and the URL that opens after it is clicked

Set “Conditional Diversion”


Editing the “filter conditions” allows the bot to filter whether the user is successfully bound or not based on the “binding results, user tags, user parameters, and dialogue platform” in the settings.

Click “+Add Filter Condition” to set more than one filter condition in the scenario

Click the “+Add Diversion Scenario” or “trash can” icon to add or delete scenarios.

Default Scenario

Please select “Do not set” for the bot’s reply.


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