Scratch-off kit

[Bonnie’s Note] This feature is only available in the Professional version.

Easily create a scratch-off marketing campaign in 6 minutes!

Adding new ways to play, scratch for good luck!

For lucky draw-related functions, Bonnie provides a variety of ways to design marketing events. In addition to the basic Random Reply kit and Lucky Draw kit, you can also use the “Scratch-off kit“, which allows users to use their fingers or cursors to reveal different prizes. Combined with both LINE/Messenger, it provides a new experience that lets users interact with each other easily!

The trainer can flexibly set the schedule of the event, and confirm and update the prize inventory at any time. In addition, the trainer can click to export the participants and the winners list to efficiently collect the data of the lucky draw, and design it their own way with Bonnie’s flexible modules. Let your lucky draw stand out and be different, all in a matter of seconds!

🎬 Take a look at the actual application video of the scratch-off draw!

Scratch-off is easy to understand and play!

1. New Scratch-off Kit

Log in to the bot backend, click “Kits” -> Select the “Scratch-off” function, and the scratch-off function window will appear. Click “Start Editing” to start creating the scratch bot immediately!

Click “Scratch-off” in Kits, click “Start Editing” to enter the Scratch-off kit

2. Scratch-off kit basic settings

First, give the bot kit the same name as the event. It will make tracking the bots clearer in the future! Next, select the time of the event and set the number of draws for users. If more than one draw is needed for the user, please click “Extract the parameter value as the number of draws“. Finally, the system provides default scratch card images but you can customize the image. The system supports common image formats such as PNG and JPG, and the image ratio needs to be adjusted to 1: 1!

Scratch-off kit basic settings

In addition, you can edit the policy or term text yourself, such as annotating the complete event process, rights statement, precautions, etc., and the text will be displayed at the bottom of the scratch-off page. Bonnie has preset policy or term texts for you to use.

Policy or term text and event description

Good luck cannot be stopped, play the scratch-off as much as you want!

The BotBonnie Scratch-off kit is adjusted in real time according to different scenarios, and uses the function of “Extract the parameter value as the number of draws” to give users a flexible number of draws. The number of draws can be increased or decreased according to different triggered conditions!

Setting the trigger condition when the user starts the Scratch-off kit allows the user to bind the parameter value to facilitate subsequent operations. If you want to conduct online-offline integrated activities, you can promote offline physical store experiences for another draw to the user. Use the growth tool and select “Scan code to open the dialog box” to enter the editing screen. At this time, add a new Action “Add/Subtract Parameter” value to set the parameter name. Take “Store Demo” as an example, it will add the triggered “Add/Subtract Parameter” value function in the QR code!

When the user enters the bot demo through this link or QR code, it will be detected by the parameter setting, and the parameter binding will be recorded in the user’s backend data management.

After completing the QR code setting, return to the basic bot settings. After reloading the bot page first, you can check the “Extract the parameter value as the number of draws” in the number of draws field and select the parameter “Store Demo” in the drop down menu.

Finally, when the user meets the conditions of multiple lucky draws, simply go to the user management backend of the bot to see that the parameter value and how many draws have been made! See the figure below to understand the operating process!

Process settings for multiple lucky draws

【BotBonnie’s Note】
The parameter function is different from the tag. You need to ask the operator to test the experience once before the parameter will be displayed on the tester, and then you can select the function of “Extract the parameter value as the number of draws” in the settings!
【BotBonnie’s Tip】
If you want to quickly generate parameters to facilitate kit settings, you can go directly to user management to select any user, click on the user parameter for that user, and manually enter the name of the parameter you want to set (as shown in the last step in the figure above), and after going back to and refreshing the flow setting page, you can see the parameter value in “Extract the parameter value as the number of draws“!

3. Scratch-off Prize Settings

Set the “Prize Name”, “Prize Format”, “Total Number of Prizes”, “Winning Probability”, and “Average Distribution Quantity” according to the prizes and type requirements of each event.

  • Prize: BotBonnie provides three types of prizes to users: Inform users of prizes won, on-site redemption, and one-time serial number upload. You can choose the setting that is most appropriate for your event and prize.
  1. Inform users of prizes won: 
    Users are notified of the names of prizes won directly on the prize record page; the exchange status field will display that no physical exchange is required
刮刮樂 告知中獎項目

2. On-site redemption: 
When the user clicks “Redeem” on the winning record screen, they can see the prizes they won. At the physical event location, the business owner can arrange for a staff member to be responsible for telling users about “Click me to redeem” to provide confirmation for the event. It is very suitable for businesses with physical stores and physical activities. It can help connect and integrate online and offline activities!

On-site redemption

3. One-time serial number upload: 

This prize is one of the hottest types used by major companies today, and is suitable for use in the game and e-commerce industries. It works by providing serial numbers that are used to exchange for virtual treasures or LINE Points!

First off, you need to create a .CSV file with the serial numbers of the event prizes and upload it to the BotBonnie backend. Users will receive serial numbers in the order of prizes won. As shown in the figure below, the first winner will receive the serial number 001, and the second winner will receive the serial number 002.

  • Probability: 

Set the chances to win for each prize module. The sum of the chances can be less than or equal to 100%, and the remaining is the chance of not winning.

Example: There are two prizes: For brownies and layer cakes, the probabilities of winning the two prizes are 10% and 80% respectively, and the probability of not winning is 10%. When the brownies have been completely drawn, the probability of winning the layer cake will be automatically Increased to 90%, that is, the probability of winning will remain at 1-the probability of not winning = 1-10% = 90%

  • Evenly grant this prize: 

In order to prevent the prizes from being redeemed too quickly during the event period, we can directly check the “Equally distribute prizes” function to allocate a prize quota to each day of the period. If the lucky draw period is 5 days and the total number of brownies is 10, the 10 brownies will be evenly distributed for 5 days and drawn by the users, that is, 2 brownies will be drawn every day.

Information on prize delivery! Allowing you to clearly control prize distribution

Assuming we organized a 20-day lucky draw with a 30% chance of winning, the prize distribution will be as follows:

The BotBonnie system is automatically set to round up to the nearest whole number to determine the number of prizes handed out. 

When the option “evenly distribute prizes” is selected, the system will spread out the distribution of the 10 available prizes into 0.5 units for each of the 20 days. Given the rule to automatically round up, the number of prizes to be drawn and awarded on any given day will have to be a whole number. 

PrizeProbabilityInventoryEvenly grant this prizeDay 1
Day 3…………Day 20
Prize A10%10V0.5 >> round up to 111.5 >> round up to 2……20
Prize B20%20V123……20
BotBonnie prize distribution method

Taking Prize A as an example, it is actually possible that no prize will be drawn for a few days.  as an example, it is actually possible that the first award will not be drawn the next day, or it may accumulate to the last few days.

For Prize A, only one prize will be given out on Day 1 maximum or one on Day 1 and one on Day 2. If there are no prizes drawn for the first two days, the number of prizes that can be given out increases for the remaining days. 

When any prize is completely drawn

  • If all 10 prize A have been drawn, in order to maintain the principle of a 30% total chance of winning, the chance of winning prize B is increased to 30%.
  • If there is an additional prize C (30% chance of winning) today, the total chance of drawing will be 60%. When prize A has been completely drawn, we will base the prizes on the ratio of prize B to prize C (2: 3). A 10% chance of winning is divided proportionally, and prize B becomes (24%) and prize C (36%).

【BotBonnie’s Note】
When the “equally distribute prizes” option is selected for a certain prize, if the daily drawn quantity (total number of prizes / lucky draw days) is less than 1, the user will not be able to draw the prize on that day. The user can only win the prize when the daily drawn quantity is greater than 1. (Scenario as above)

  • Add prize
    The BotBonnie Lucky Draw kit is programmed with two kinds of prizes by default. You can increase or decrease the number of prizes freely according to the content of the event. Just click “Add Prize” to automatically set the relevant information, and then go to the flow backend and create a suitable prize module according to your prize information, prize photos, and copy.
  • Message for those missing winning the lucky draw

Set up the “No Win Message” module. Bonnie has designed a “Thank you for your patronage” module for you. You can also change the content as needed, so that fans who have not won prizes will also be showed concern, or another CTA can be provided! This is a very important part of the process!

👉In addition to scratch-off cards, you can also play lucky draw! The same production method achieves double the results

4. Scratch-off prize data review

  • Prize Status
    In order to provide you with a more complete use of the Scratch-off kit, the prize status has been moved to the kit report page; you can view the report after publishing.
  • Others
    Bonnie will help you detect if your fan page is successfully connected to the BotBonnie bot
  • Reset
    When you are doing event testing internally, you often need to test repeatedly to avoid the prizes being completely drawn. Bonnie provides the “Reset Event Record” function to help reset the event record in this kit. All users’ individual lucky draw and winning records will be reset to zero and the prizes will also be returned to the prize pool. Remember that this action cannot provide replies!
Prize status linked kit report

5. Scratch-off performance report: 

Just click “View Kit Report” and you will be redirected to the “Kit Report” tab to view the results of the Scratch-off kit, allowing you to easily understand the current lucky draw status through a table. You can click “Export Winning List” in the upper right corner to export the performance report, and the BotBonnie system will automatically send it to the e-mail you entered. In addition to the inventory status, it provides a performance report on the number and frequency of users drawing prizes.

Lucky Draw performance report
Scratch-off kit performance report
  • Export winners list
    Just enter your email address, and the system will complete exporting the list within 1 hour, and send you a CSV file of the list, so that you can conduct follow-up contact and records. The BotBonnie Scratch-off kit will collect the following information from users: User ID, name, lottery platform, gender, winning prize, prize type, one-time serial number and Scratch-off kit ID, lottery time, redemption time and Facebook photo.
  • Detailed data
    You can also specify a time interval: Check performance of this section for Today, the Last 3 Days, the Last 7 Days, the Last 30 Days, the Last 3 Months, and the Event Period: A line chart of the number of daily draws, the number of draws, and the number of prizes won for each prize.
Detailed data report
Detailed data report



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