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Sharing with friends is the best promotional method. Use word of mouth to quickly increase the number of members. Using event sharing allows users to directly invite friends to join the event, and it will also help you increase the popularity of the event. BotBonnie has launched the “MGM (Member-Get-Member)” function that allows you to share through LINE/Facebook, which not only increases interactions within the community, but also brings many new friends to your LINE official account and fan page.

How exactly does MGM work?

The MGM marketing method is a way of sharing good news to each other. Users can share the excellent products and information with friends. For companies, you can use the ideas of MGM alongside double rewards, so that both “old users” and “new users” can get rewards through the event, helping you to increase the number of users.

The following figure demonstrates the MGM operation process from the perspective of User A: 

  1. User A participates in the event and shares the event with User B
  2. User B receives the invitation message and enters Messenger/LINE to receive their rewards. At the same time, the event information can be shared to User C to pass on the information.
  3. User A receives a message stating User B has been successfully invited, and the system detects whether it meets the requirement and gives two replies. (Requirement met/Requirement not met)
Demonstrate the MGM kit from the perspective of User A

👉Watch the video now to see how MGM bots are used!

Start making MGM kit bots!


After logging in to the BotBonnie bot backend, click “Kits” -> Select the “MGM” function and the MGM function window will appear. Click “Create kit” to start making MGM bots! Before using the MGM kit, you must first determine the channels to be used for the event, such as LINE/Facebook, and whether the number of invitees meets the requirements for prizes, so that Bonnie can assist you in completing the basic settings according to the needs of different events. Let Bonnie’s little helper guide you through the process on the platform!

Select the “MGM” function in Kits
Choose an event channel to help you quickly create bots

Although the MGM kit is more complicated than other kits, Bonnie’s little helper is there to help you understand the important parts of each step on the platform before the operation starts, such as: 

  1. Everyone will generate their own unique invitation link
  2. The system will determine whether the invitee meets the standards
  3. Welcome message for the invitee
  4. Do basic editing in the “Settings” button section

After understanding the kit process structure and learning how to operate MGM, you can proceed with your activities by simply changing the copy in the kit!

Edit content: 

The MGM kit mainly consists of two steps: 

1. After User A enters the bot and generates an exclusive invitation link by sharing the post

2. When User B clicks on the post shared by User A, User A will receive a message that the system has checked whether it meets the standard.

MGM flow chart operation explanation

MGM kit settings

1. Basic: Give the MGM kit the same name as your event, and set the event period. If the bot is triggered during the inactive period, you can design a module to respond to the user, as shown in the figure below. Add a module to the flow (unnamed module #6) for replying to users outside of the event period.

2. Sharing: Bonnie provides two channels (LINE/Facebook) for you to share events with. The text in the frame below can be changed according to the needs of the event. The button name is the button that users can click to share the event when they receive the event message.

LINE message sharing

Facebook post sharing

Facebook message: Comparison of edited copy

3. Target: Set the number of friends that users need to successfully invite according to the needs of the event. At least one user must be invited! When you have not set the target number of people, it means that every time the user successfully invites someone, they will meet the requirement for success!

  • The local e-commerce company VeryBuy used the MGM draw with the number of qualifying people set to 1 alongside the Lucky Draw kit, so that every user who successfully invited a friend got one draw. They quickly gained 6000+ users.

4. Started by invitee: Bonnie has already created a dialogue module called “Welcome message for invited persons”. When User B receives User A’s link invitation to enter the bot, you can also go to the module on the flow page to edit the copy of the message received by User B when they use the link sent by User A.

5. Event rankings: Using the ranking mechanism allows users to understand the participation in the event in real time. When the prizes are attractive, users are more likely to invite their friends to increase their chance of winning the draw.

For example, WeMO Scooter offered a Switch as the first prize, and used the ranking function in the BotBonnie MGM kit to allow users to compete with each other, increasing the popularity of the event and urging users to continue sharing!

6. Others: Bonnie will help you detect if your fan page is successfully connected to the BotBonnie bot.

7. Reset: When you do an internal event test, you often need to repeat the test again and again and start from zero invitees. Bonnie provides the “reset event record” function to help you reset the record. The number of friends invited by all users individually and the ranked numbers will be reset to zero, and the MGM short URL that has been generated can still be used. Remember that this action cannot send replies!

Dialogue module content offers personalized editing

1. Welcome message received by the invitee: Go to the flow page and select the module to make adjustments according to the nature of the event. You can use the blue-green parameter function in the lower right corner, so that the invitees can receive personalized, personalized messages with their names!

2. User-specific link: Go to the flow page and select the module to make adjustments according to the nature of the event. Remember that the functions of the three buttons below can only be edited in “Settings”.

3. Successful invitation screen: Bonnie is configured for three scenarios, namely, no eligible persons and limited number of eligible persons who have met or not met the standard. All of them can be modified in the flow page.

After the user is successfully invited, they will be eligible for the lucky draw and can be connected to other marketing kits! Like the Lucky Draw kit and the Scratch-off kit! Make the activities more interesting and quickly increase the number of users!

The successful invitation screen

Combine the MGM kit with the lucky draw—the more you share, the more you draw!

Do you want to design a mechanism in which every time MGM successfully shares n number of people, you can get n more chances to draw? In the MGM kit settings, set the number of users that users need to successfully invite to qualify for the lucky draw according to the event requirements. When the number of eligible users is set to 1, it means that when users share the event with one or more users, they will meet the conditions for successful invitation. Simply set the eligible condition and Action with the specified parameter name and accumulated amount in the “Check whether the number of invitations meet the requirements” field.

Then set the successfully invited and qualified modules to the module, connect it with the Lucky Draw kit, and then go to the draw kit setting screen, select the number of draws, and select “Extract parameter values as the number of draws” to set the parameter to “In-store spending” to complete the settings.

Combine the MGM kit with the Lucky Draw kit—the more you share, the more you draw!

MGM data analysis report

The “Kit Report” introduced by Bonnie allows you to directly understand the effectiveness of the kit when organizing activities. You can view the new users using this kit and the effectiveness of meeting the requirement, so that you can immediately understand the effectiveness of the event and modify and optimize the event in real time.

Trainers can use this feature through two channels: 1. Tab in Analysis. 2. The upper field in the MGM kit.

The “Kit Report” function can be found in Analysis and the MGM kit

After entering the kit report, we can view the kit settings applied in this event from “Basic Information,” such as: Open Period, Channel of Invitation, standard Target, and Rankings; you can see the basic settings of the kit.

In addition, the “Report Summary” directly displays the performance results of each category numerically, such as: 

  • New fans: Among the successfully invited users, (this amount) is how many users have never opened a conversation with this page.
  • Old fans reached: Among the successfully invited users, (this amount) is how many users have started a conversation with this page.
  • Total inviters: The user number of successfully invited friends and fan pages into a conversation, which is the number of users who used the kit to invite other users.
  • Average number of invited friends: The average number of friends invited per user who successfully invites friends. For example, “Inviter a” successfully invited 3 people, and “Inviter b” successfully invited 2 people. So, the average number of friends invited is 2.5.
Performance review: Export the invitation list to see results at a glance

Automatically export the invitation list, so that you can create a performance report at any time and grasp the progress of the event. Just click the “Export List” in the upper right corner and enter your email address in “Report Summary” to receive a report on the number of successful invitations from the MGM kit. The data contains the following information: Successful invitation time, channel name, invitee’s name, invitee ID, inviter’s name, inviter ID.

MGM Kit invited user list
  • Detailed data
    You can view the data from two aspects:
    The method of invitation and whether it is a new friend allow you to quickly understand which channel is most effective for your event, how many new users have been reached by this event, and the usage rate of existing users.
The MGM Report analyzes which channels users have used to invite, and whether those users are new friends
  • Users who successfully invited friends
    When a user sends an invitation to a friend that is successful, the exclusive invitation link can be clicked to start the conversation module. The user will then be defined as a “user who successfully invited friends.” Each day’s invitation performance can be viewed in the event interval.
The MGM Report analyzes the number of users invited

However, understanding the difficulty of event design is a major indicator of optimization of subsequent events.

  • Distribution of successful friend invitations
    Check how many friends have been successfully invited by most users to facilitate optimization of the number of people meeting past targets.

    If the number of successful invitations for most users is 3 and that is the same as your settings, that means that the difficulty of the event is moderate and can achieve the maximum benefit. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the distribution of successful invitations when the event is online over a period of time to adjust the difficulty of the event.
MGM analyzes the distribution of successful friend invitations

In addition, a very important piece of information is identifying highly engaged customers, which allows you to know which users have the highest degree of stickiness for this event. Therefore, Bonnie launched the “Invite Friends Rankings” to display the top six users with the highest number of friends invited.

View the six most engaged users


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