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Riding a scooter is an essential skill in Taiwan which has the highest density of scooters in Asia. The exacerbation of climate change conditions in recent years has placed the issue of carbon emissions from scooters under scrutiny and prolific discussion. In this environment, people have begun to propose and implement ideas such as a “shared economy”, “green energy”, and “lease instead of purchase”. Here are three leaders in Taiwan’s green energy and environmental protection initiatives:  WeMo Scooter

Freya, Jeffrey, and Bob of WeMo Scooter with Linda, Daniel, and Debby of BotBonnie

WeMo Scooter was the first company to spearhead shared scooter services in Taiwan and it began developing Taiwan’s shared scooter environment in October 2016. By upholding its commitment to sustainable development, it has accumulated more than 300,000 members, equivalent to at least one scooter leased every 4 seconds.

WeMo Scooter’s fan page launched the “Lucky Bonus” online marketing campaign during the 2020 Chinese New Year. It incorporated BotBonnie chatbot services and used common embarrassing questions from relatives during New Year to engage users. The chatbot provides QA images with witty responses based on the results of real-time interactions and offers lucky draws with discount codes for all users. By sharing results on the Facebook wall or with LINE friends, users can also unlock level 2 gifts by inviting friends to try their luck on getting codes for 3H/6H/24H unlimited rides. The event was designed to make the year of the rat fun for everyone.

The campaign period coincided with Chinese New Year and lasted 11 days from January 20 to 31. The results were as follows:

  • Number of participants: 14,950
  • Overall completion rate: 76%
  • LINE sharing entry: 9.5%
  • EDM entry: 25%
  • In-app link entry: 17%
  • New chatbot users: +7,153 (48% of total participants)
Campaign Performance
Campaign Performance after 11 days

How does WeMo Scooter design the interaction contents and flows for the chatbot? What functions in the BotBonnie operation platform helped achieve such results? We are pleased to have WeMo Scooter’s Marketing Manager Freya and Marketing Specialist Bob to share the “Lucky Bonus” success story. We also invited WeMo Scooter’s CEO Jeffrey to share his views on the chatbot industry and BotBonnie services.

Background of the “Lucky Bonus” Campaign

1. Focus of the Campaign

The campaign was launched with the Chinese New Year event with the “red envelope” bonus that generates interest for everyone. We let people collect bonuses (discount codes), share bonuses (one discount code can be used by three people), and rush to get bonuses (limited discount codes are released from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the Fifth Day of Chinese New Year with the fastest users who entered the code into the app winning the discount), and we used the Q&A session regarding questions often asked by relatives during Chinese New Year to generate buzz and make the campaign more fun and interactive to maintain user interest in the campaign.

Campaign focus
Campaign focus

2. Campaign Objectives

The number of new users brought in by the online marketing activities, including the number of new users of chatbots and the number of new users registered on the WeMo Scooter app, were important indicators for WeMo Scooter. For this purpose, we designed a bonus system in the dialogue and used discount codes as incentives for sharing. We used the “Share to Facebook” and “Share to LINE Friend” functions to actively deliver reward information when users completed the process in order to bring in large amounts of new users.

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Top Three Features of the Success Story

1. Share Secrets for Resolving Embarrassing Questions with Free-Style Witty Responses

Users post replies below posts to receive private messages from the chatbot to ask about the most embarrassing and scary questions from relatives during Chinese New Year and the most appropriate witty response. In addition to the questions and witty responses already prepared by WeMo Scooter, users can also manually enter questions and responses. The chatbot uses open questions and answers to increase user participation in the dialogue. The user can select the preferred style from three bonus cards to create a composite image based on real-time interactions. By sharing the witty response composite image for Chinese New Year, the user can let friends view creative dialogues and take part in round 2 activities to win prizes.

Information from real-time conversations between the chatbot and the user is integrated into witty response images.
Information from real-time conversations between the chatbot and the user is integrated into witty response images.

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2. Bonus Lucky Draw with Lucky Bonus

After selecting the bonus style, the chatbot invites users to click on the “Lucky Bonus” button and take part in round 1 of the lucky draw activity. Use the BotBonnie “Lucky Draw Kit” to make lucky draws more fund. A small window jumps out from Messenger/LINE for the user to view all prizes on the roulette and inspire them to win the “NT$888 Lucky Draw Bonus.” Click the “Lucky Draw” button to display a spinning roulette wheel, increasing user expectation to heighten the lucky draw experience and thrill.

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3. Snowball Effect with Old Users Bringing in New Users

In addition to prizes for everyone, the discount codes can be used by three people on the WeMo Scooter app. By sharing discount codes with friends, one user can share with two other users who can win discount codes and share with four other users, and so on. The sharing process increases the number of new users in Messenger to interact with the chatbot and even register as a WeMo Scooter member to use shared scooter services and discount code. The discount code sharing marketing scheme created a snowball effect and successfully accumulated more than 7,000 new chatbot users.

The discount code can be shared by three people and the sharing creates a snowball effect that draws in more new users.
The discount code can be shared by three people and the sharing creates a snowball effect that draws in more new users.

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What WeMo Scooter Said about BotBonnie Services

user feedback from WeMO Scooter
user feedback from WeMO Scooter

BotBonnie is grateful to every company and user who chose our services. We have witnessed many success stories that can be shared with others. We serve as more than simply the service provider of interesting and eye-catching game chatbots, strategic marketing chatbots, or user experience service chatbots. We also learn different ways to use chatbots from users and grow together. Thank you, WeMo Scooter.

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