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Register Invoice and Collect Points – Users Redeem Rewards with One Device

Tiger Beer is a renowned beer brand sold in more than 50 countries across the world. A tiger beer is great for family gatherings and parties with friends when people want to relax. With Chinese New Year around the corner, Tiger Beer prepared a special event for people to enjoy the year-end holidays.

Understanding consumer purchase habits is crucial for a brand with offline sales channels. What channels exhibit the most frequent consumption behavior? What are the consumers’ favorite products? What kind of promotions attract consumers?

After collecting such information, how does the company make use of it?

Be Fierce Like a Tiger and Win

Tiger Beer encourages the younger generation to follow their instincts and be themselves. It has also adopted marketing strategies that target young people. Tiger Beer connected a brand-new official account to a chatbot and used the Invoice Kit to collect people’s offline shopping information.

What incentives should it use to attract people to register their invoices? Tiger Beer made a brilliant move by offering three customized gifts including a pair of mugs, Bluetooth speakers, and Mahjong sets that will definitely come in handy during Chinese New Year. Consumers can register more invoices and accumulate additional points which can be used to redeem gifts.

Tiger Beer used the LINE chatbot to direct offline sales data to online applications for marketing. It used the point gathering mechanisms to increase customer loyalty and increased demand regardless of the challenges posed by the low temperature.

Campaign performance

Campaign period:2020/10/20–2021/01/31

Campaign performance
Campaign performance after one month

Campaign highlights

Curated Customer Experience with Trigger Menu Switches

Since Tiger Beer is an alcoholic beverage, there are legal age restrictions on the materials, sales channels, and communication channels with the general public. Tiger Beer’s LINE official account identifies fans that meet age requirements through BotBonnie’s rich menu. Fans that declare themselves to be above the age of 18 can view the rich menu used for the invoice registration and explore the functions in each section. If a fan is not yet 18 years old, the system delivers a message to the user to invite the fan to join later.

 Distribute the rich menu for the campaign to divide user groups.
 Distribute the rich menu for the campaign to divide user groups.

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Use Invoice Registration to Convert Six-Pack Beer into Marketing Materials

BotBonnie’s trigger rich menu function automatically loads menu contents based on user operations. Tiger Beer can use the function to separate fans at appropriate times to support actual usage scenarios.

An invoice provides us with insight on the consumer such as the channel used for shopping, the products the consumer generally buys, and the quantity of products purchased. With BotBonnie’s Invoice Kit, consumers can take a photo or enter simple invoice information to convert into online data for reference and analysis by the user.

The Tiger event rules include “one point for every NT$80 purchase of any canned Tiger Beer product in designated channels in the designated period.” Therefore, the invoice registration settings must focus on the following four items: invoice time, product name keywords, channel keywords, and invoice amount. The user can set item keywords and channel keywords directly on the platform kit. With customized services, the system can determine the amount paid for specific items and point reward mechanisms to connect the invoice registration with the point gathering.

The Invoice Kit collects consumer information
The Invoice Kit collects consumer information

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Registered invoice and purchase details are saved in an online table so that the user can view information such as the consumer’s purchases, time of purchase, and purchase channel. Precious consumer profile data are thus effortlessly converted into marketing materials that can be used online.

Fans Enjoy Beer and Collect Points from Anywhere at Any Time

The points accumulation mechanism helps increase consumers’ loyalty to the brand because they can receive more points by making more purchases. Tiger Beer launched the gather point event during the year-end festivities.

In this event, consumers can register the Tiger Beer product invoice to accumulate points. Consumers just need the invoice ready, add Tiger Beer’s LINE official account, and take a few simple steps to complete the registration. The simple operating procedures help increase consumer participation.

Point gathering system helps increase customer loyalty.
Point gathering system helps increase customer loyalty.

The color, background graphics, and point gathering stamps of the point gathering card can be customized based on event visual design. Tiger Beer uses large amounts of blue and the background image of ice also reminds people of its popular and unique products. The point gathering stamp is a tiger which enriches the fans’ event participation experience.

Integrated user point gathering and redemption for increased convenience.
Integrated user point gathering and redemption for increased convenience.

The company can also set reward limits to control the number of rewards that can be redeemed without having to worry about fans who redeemed their rewards but cannot receive them. Fans can redeem rewards on their mobile phones by entering their name, mobile phone number, email, and address, and the brand can mail the rewards directly to the fans. The consumer information can also be used by the brand in future campaigns. Fans redeem points for rewards and the user can also use the point gathering scheme to save manual effort while obtaining consumer information. One point gathering card satisfies both sides’ demands.

For the actual process, please see the video:

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