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Personal Test Results Provided with Lively Interactions

Everyone must speak good English in order to connect to the world and obtain more development opportunities. But must we read piles of books and memorize words to master English? Take a journey with VoiceTube, the largest language education technology platform in Asia, and use YouTube videos as materials for learning. Everyone can learn English easily by watching videos.

Since VoiceTube was founded in 2013, it has accumulated 3.8 million registered users across the globe. It has developed a domestic market in Taiwan and expanded to Japan and Vietnam to provide a wide variety of channels and services for learning English. The VoiceTube app launched for mobile devices won the Facebook “FbStart APPs of the Year” award in 2016.

Iris and Angela of VoiceTube, Linda, Daniel, and Amber of BotBonnie, and Mollie of VoiceTube

VoiceTube decided to use the BotBonnie chatbot for the “Test Your Foreign Country Survival Skills” online event and promote the 8th “Zero Dollar Challenge” campaign in the VoiceTube HERO online English Learning Course. The interactions ultimately created exposure for the Zero Dollar Challenge with the aim of bringing in massive amounts of new users for marketing purposes. The event lasted approximately 11 days from January 2 to 13, 2020 and the results were as follows:

  • Average number of people engaged per day: 800~1,200
  • Facebook ad CPC: NTD$3↓
  • Cost of acquisition of each new user: ≈NTD$3
  • New chatbot users: +7,854
Campaign Performance
Campaign Performance after 11 days

We are honored to have Iris, the Deputy Manager of Marketing, and Marketing Specialist Angela of VoiceTube, who were responsible for planning the event, to share the success story with us. They will analyze the unique traits of the case and help us learn about the applications and designs of chatbots.

1. Real-Life Interactions Reduce Barriers for Interactions

VoiceTube’s mascot, Froggy, is going to London. Froggy is going to need help for boarding the plane, foreign currency exchange at the airport, and check-in at the hotel. These practical scenarios are used as materials for the VoiceTube event to simulate foreign travel and attract people to test their English skills and engage in real interactions. VoiceTube set themes based on actual life to reduce barriers for interactions, encourage users to actively engage in conversation and draw people closer. It also helps companies or businesses communicate important information to users and achieve marketing purposes by promoting the VoiceTube HERO Zero Dollar Challenge event.

Use the popular theme of “foreign travel” to increase interactions
Use the popular theme of “foreign travel” to increase interactions

Recommended materials: Text/image messages, Buttons, audio/image messages

2. Messaging with Characters Breaks Down Fan Page Interaction Barriers

Once a user starts interactions, “Froggy” will appear in conversations with the user. Users will be asked to help Froggy, who does not speak English well on his trip to London. Look, the fan page profile photo in the Messenger chat records has been changed to Froggy. The top of the message also displayed information on the “Froggy from VoiceTube” character from the fan page. The “Persona Kit” helps companies and businesses go beyond the boundaries of interactions for fan pages, use flows to set the profile images and names for multiple roles, create more authentic, interesting, and engaging dialogues and enrich the user experience.

“Persona Kit” makes interactions more realistic and interesting.
“Persona Kit” makes interactions more realistic and interesting.

Recommended materials: Persona Kit

3. Personalized English Test Results

Froggy encountered five difficulties on his trip. The user must help Froggy complete the challenges with English in different scenarios and finish the journey together. Customized test results are provided based on the answers given in the test (100 points if the user answers all five questions correctly, 80 points if the user answers four questions correctly, and so on). Froggy also recommended opportunities for learning English to users. Packaging for campaign, such as tests, provides users with more room and time for exploration, browsing with diverse interaction results and leaves a lasting impression.

Create diverse interactions with different test scores.
Create diverse interactions with different test scores.

Recommended materials: Actions, Conditions Kit, Text/image messages

What VoiceTube Said about BotBonnie Services

user feedback from VoiceTube
user feedback from VoiceTube

BotBonnie is grateful to every company and user who chooses our services. We have witnessed many success stories that can be shared with others. We serve as more than simply the service provider of interesting and eye-catching game chatbots, strategic marketing chatbots, or user experience service chatbots. We also learn different ways to use chatbots from users and grow together. Thank you, VoiceTube.

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