Tutorial Book

|Tutorial Video

Instagram chatbot

  1. Connect to an Instagram business account
  2. Auto reply to Live broadcast on Instagram: Start monetizing your live stream
  3. Instagram Post Comment Reply
  4. Mentioned brands on Instagram Stories to enhance brand awareness
  5. A new way to use private messages on Instagram!

Build a chatbot

  1. Build a chatbot from scratch in 4 steps!

Design your chatbot flow

  1. Create a chatbot
  2. Add dialogue module
  3. Text/image message
  4. Audio/video message
  5. Carousel message
  6. LINE Imagemap
  7. one-time notification
  8. Add Button
  9. Quick Reply
  10. Go-to Module
  11. Actions
  12. User Input Settings
  13. Bot flows
  14. Sub Flows
  15. Test and Deploy Bot
  16. One-click Share to Facebook Post
  17. One-click share to LINE Friend

Chatbot flow Design: Kits


  1. Lucky Wheel kit
  2. Survey Kit
  3. Random Reply Kit
  4. Persona Kit
  5. Invoice Kit
  6. Account binding kit
  7. Scratch-off kit
  8. MGM Kit
  9. Daily Check-in Kit

Rule kits

  1. Conditions kit
  2. Sequence kit

|Set the chatbot flow Operation

Content Manager

  1. Content Manager
  2. AI Rules
  3. Menu management

Live Chat

  1. Live Chat

Growth Tools

  1. Start conversations with QR code
  2. Growth Tool – Start chats with URL
  3. Growth Tools – Default post reply
  4. Growth Tools – Combined public and private message reply
  5. LINE Smart Link
  6. Instagram Post Comment Reply
  7. Facebook Sponsored Message




  1. Audience
  2. Set Segmented Tags
  3. Parameter settings
  4. Export Data
  5. Import user data
  6. Confidence index tag


  1. Insights
  2. Kit Report
  3. Dashboard


  1. Settings
  2. Connect to an Instagram business account
  3. Connect Bot to fan page
  4. Connect to LINE official account
  5. Permissions control
  6. Notify Customer Care

|Pro tips

  1. Comprehensive Instagram Bot applications
  2. A new way to use private messages on Instagram!
  3. Create a Facebook Customer List Custom Audience
  4. Facebook Sponsored Message
  5. Facebook Click to Messager Ads
  6. 2020 Facebook Messenger new policy


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