Create a survey in 5 steps to easily collect customer information

[Bonnie’s Note] This feature is only available in the Professional version.

n the past, whenever you used online events and advertisements to obtain customer lists and create more revenue for your company, did you ever encounter buggy survey tools that made your event both tedious and complicated? You might even have had to create a Google Form to collect data, while your customers just slipped away?

BotBonnie launched the “Survey Kit” to simplify complicated list collection and easily collect customer information directly through Messenger or LINE OA! We know that the most important asset of any company is the customer list. So, let Bonnie help you simplify the process!

Get customer lists without needless hassle; get started with the survey right away

When you are operating a private store and want to achieve precision marketing by collecting user-profiles and putting personalized tags on different types of users; or you are about to hold a lucky draw on Facebook or LINE@ and you need to ask customers to fill in their personal information for future contact, or you are focused on telemarketing, you can ask the customer to leave their information through the survey and automatically obtain their information, allowing you to take the initiative!

The BotBonnie survey kit helps you solve all three scenarios in one go. You can efficiently collect user lists, maximize the benefits of your resources, and easily satisfy your requirements. And just one bot is needed for multiple marketing events.

Are you still unsure how the BotBonnie survey bot works? Let’s watch a video explaining how the survey bot can help you collect customer lists! BotBonnie can help you automatically output user data to the Google Forms backend, avoiding complicated steps and saving precious time you could better use elsewhere!

🎮Experience the Bonnie Survey right now

Create a survey through our hands-on tutorial in just 5 steps

Step 1. Set up the survey kit

Log in to the backend of the bot, click “Kits” -> Select the “Survey” function and the survey function window will be displayed. Click “Set Up Kit” to start creating a survey right away!

Choose Survey Kits

Step 2. Basic settings for survey kits

Bonnie has set einnob e-commerce customer data survey as the default of the survey kit. The “survey name” can be set the same as the purpose, which makes tracking easier. In addition, the “Open Period” function below represents the period during which the bot can be used in each event period, such as the annual Mid-Autumn Festival gift-giving event. You can name the survey “Mid-Autumn Festival event” and set the time of the event for 9/28-10/5 during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.

【BotBonnie’s Tips】
The “Out-of-period Module” function will appear when the “Open Period” function is used. This module is a functional module that is linked when the user uses the bot outside of the open period. If you set “Leave Email” here, it means that users who use the bot outside of the open period will be directed to the “Leave Email” module.

“Open Period” function comparison

To collect customer information, enter your Google account and BotBonnie will automatically send the Google Sheets to that email address. The administrator can easily obtain the customer list by simply checking their email. Finally, set the “Start Module” and “End Module” according to your needs. You can use the drop-down menu to complete the module setting!

【BotBonnie’s Note】If the user leaves the survey unfinished and does not proceed to “end survey,” then the Google Sheets will not record any information provided by the user.

Step 3. Record field settings

With its super user-friendly design, the BotBonnie “Survey Kit Module” allows you to directly and precisely collect customer information with just one click using the default scenario kit. For example, the most frequently used “List Collection Function” is the default element in this survey process, in which each of the fields corresponds to one particular module in the survey kit!

[Explaining the functions for each record field]

The following figure shows the two types of responses, shown respectively in blue and black, in the fields showing Survey results: 

  • Information captured by the system (blue): User information automatically captured by the internal systems of the LINE and Facebook platforms
  • Module interactive information (black): You can set the user interaction methods in the module through the backend system of the BotBonnie bot, such as general buttons, quick reply, and user input. If a module has been set up with multiple interaction methods, the results for each method will be stored in the corresponding fields to collect user data.

With the collection of user names as an example, the system will automatically capture the user’s name on the Facebook platform, which may be different from the user’s real name. Therefore, if the user’s real name is required, you will need to add a module that inquires the user’s “name” in the backend system. This type of response will be displayed as module interaction information (black).

【BotBonnie’s Tips】
1. There is a two-way arrow on the right side of the field setting used as a slider, which can adjust the order of the console data collection and display. Use the left mouse button to drag the slider to the desired position. At the same time, the “Record Preview” above will change the data display order in real-time.
2. When you decide which user information to collect, you can use the “switch” function on the left to turn on the modules that are needed. The data will be stored on Google Sheets!

Step 4. Survey content editing

Bonnie will now show you three ways to make your Survey design more intelligent and intuitive! 1. Edit copy, 2. Quick reply applications, 3. Foolproof design

1. Edit a copy

After setting the data to be collected, go to the backend to create the Flow. You can click on each of the preset modules first to see its default design, such as the “start” module shown below, where each image and text can be edited to fit your needs!

Two types of copy: Content comparison for the two “starting modules”

2. Function feature information – Quick Reply

In addition to obtaining the list, rating the platform or product is also a frequently used function. Now, Bonnie will teach you how to quickly create a “rating interaction”. First, add a “comprehensive rating” module and design 5 quick replies (1-5 points)! This is an innovative feature designed by Bonnie. In the past, we would add “OK,” “Yes” and other text replies to the design of Quick Reply. Here, we’ll share a [Bonnie’s Tip] with you. Simply use numbers as the button title to create a rating system!

After setting the content of the reply options, choose the next module to be connected. The default module is the “Thank after answering” module. You can use the drop down menu to choose the path you want to reach.

3. How to make it foolproof!?

Bonnie knows that you often need to obtain the emails of customers, but they often enter an incomplete or incorrect email address, which leads to the loss of an important potential customer list entry. Therefore, Bonnie has preset the “Email format error module,” as shown below, which is designed for two scenarios:

1. If the input format is an email, import it to the “thank after finishing” module.

2. When any content is entered and the email format is incorrect, it is imported into the “Email Format Error Module” to remind the user that the data is incorrect, thereby completing the foolproof design!In addition to the foolproof design for emails, the BotBonnie system presets also provide fool-proof detection for phone numbers, dates, and numbers!

【BotBonnie’s Tips】
1. Phone foolproofing: The system will detect 4-10 digits. There are no other symbols in the middle.
2. Date foolproofing: The system accounts for yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy/mm/dd,, yyyymmdd formats as correct inputs. Except for the yyyymmdd format, it can accept single digit months and days, such as 2021/1/4. In addition: It only accepts year, month, day; or month, day, year; but does not accept day, month, year.

Foolproof design

4. Automatically save user information to the backend

Simply use “Action” to select “Save user information” to store the user’s email address, phone number, birthday, location, and gender in the backend. Click on the user list in user management to see if the data of each user has been automatically added.

In this way, the information can be easily exported in the form of a list for Facebook advertising, and can also be used for sending DMs and other marketing applications.

👉 Quickly learn how to export the list

Automatically collect user information in the user list

Step 5. Survey scenario module production

When you need to add more questions or other scenario-based survey functions, you can click “Add Module,” or you can replace the default module. As shown in the figure below, we want to know how users learned about the einnob service, so we add a new module called “Get-to-know Channel” and use the quick replay function that we just talked about to create the options.

Now go back to the beginning of the flow and click on the “Start Survey” function. You will find that the “Where you found out” field has been added in the survey result field. After turning on the switch on the left (displayed in green) and naming the field of the module name, the system will display the data in the “channel” field in the “Survey Results Preview” at the same time.

After adding a module, the system will automatically detect and display it in the form result field

A new experience in the survey kit

The “Survey Kit Modules” provided by BotBonnie allows you to use the preset scenario kits to create your most frequently used “list collection” functions with just one click, and update the module data to the Google account backend in real time, meaning you do not need to think about how to aggregate customer data. As long as the scenario of the event is well defined, you can quickly create a survey and automatically output customer data from the backend.

Hurry up and use the survey kit to create a bot that will help you conduct your business! Bonnie can be “your little helper” on your journey to create more revenue. If you have any questions about the production, you can contact us on the Bonnie fan page!

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Use the bot to easily obtain user lists. It is simple and effective!


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