Persona Kit

[Bonnie’s Note] This feature is only available in the paid PRO version. Contact us for details!

Multiple personas participate in the interaction to make the dialogue come alive!

In the past, chatbot interactions could only use one avatar (persona) to interact with fans, which could be boring. Bonnie, therefore, launched the “Persona” kit so that you can design a more interesting chatbot demo!

Let’s take a look at how we can use the “Persona” kit to introduce the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival! Have you noticed any changes in the avatar interacting with fans? How can I make this happen? Let Bonnie show you what the “Persona” kit is!

Qu Yuan is briefly describing his life

1. Adding the “Persona” kit

Click “Kits” → “Persona” in the toolbar above, and double-click the “Persona” kit to enter the editor

2. Edit persona settings

Click “Settings” in the toolbar above to start editing the persona name and upload the picture of the persona’s avatar. The “default persona” uses the fan page avatar.

Edit persona

Press the “+ Add Persona” button to add multiple personas for editing.

New persona

[BotBonnie’s Note] The maximum file size of an image is 1 MB.

3. Set the module persona

After uploading the persona, click “Add Module” in the toolbar above. You will find that there is an additional “persona” tab in the dialogue module under the “persona” kit. Select the avatar of the persona in the module by using the drop down menu.

Choose a set persona

After setting the persona, the module will display the persona avatar of the message content for easy identification.

Set up complete

Persona application examples

Let’s take a look at an example of the actual application of the persona kit! Taiwan’s largest mobile e-commerce platform, Shopee, and BotBonnie launched the “Love the Right People” marketing campaign in June 2019. Doesn’t the application of the persona kit make the conversation scenarios more realistic and interesting?

Use the user pictures and names in the persona kit to make the scenario more realistic

Let the dialogue come alive with the use of the “persona” kits!


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