Random Reply Kit

[Bonnie’s Note] This feature is only available in the paid PRO version.

Better than better, add new functions for more variety

A random reply module is provided in the kits to help you set the probabilities of multiple message modules to achieve the random reply effect. This can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, such as lucky draws, mini-games, psychological tests, etc., to make your bot more human-like!

1. Add Random Reply kit

Click “Kits” in the toolbar above to add a “Random Reply” kit. A random response module will appear in the flows.

2. Add Module

Double-click to enter the “Random Reply” kit module. When you start, the kit will have an empty flow. Add message modules that you want to run randomly.

[Bonnie’s Note] If you are designing a lucky draw, it is more efficient to set up multiple modules, including prizes or the redraw button, etc., before copying the modules to modify them.

3. Set Individual Probabilities

Click “Settings” in the toolbar above to set the probability that each module will reply. Note that the probability must be a positive integer and the sum must be 100%!

4. Equally Assign Probabilities

In addition to setting individual probabilities by yourself, you can also choose “Equally Assign Probabilities.”

[Bonnie’s Note] The probability set by the system must be an integer. If 100 cannot be evenly divided by the number of random modules, the remainder will be equally distributed among the modules.

5. Connecting the Random Reply Kit

After configuring the random module, you must remember to go back to the main flow to connect the module!

You have created a simple lucky draw event using the “Random Reply” kit! It really is just that easy. By upgrading to the paid plan, you can enjoy all kinds of advanced functions and maximize the benefits of the chatbot!

Start designing your own lucky draw and other activities!


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