Original visual interactive process analysis, follow-up message process conversion

Using BotBonnie’s interactive hotspot analysis graph, you can check the conversion rate of dialogues between users and chatbots, find breakpoints in the process conversion, and analyze the customer’s needs to improve script design. You can also drill down into each module to view the number of clicks and click-through rates (CTR) of various buttons, allowing you to optimize the design of your next marketing campaign.

Insights presents bot data in a thermal image format, allowing you to adjust the time interval, viewing channels, and performance display methods. This lets you intuitively evaluate the effectiveness of the flows of each event and express the amount of interactive traffic through different colors. This helps you:

  • Understand customers’ most frequently viewed information
  • Perceive the flow of specific activities and find breakpoints
  • Optimize flows through data driving

The following will explain the operations and meaning of data in “Insights.”

The intuitive hot spot analysis map uses five colors to analyze by degree of interaction

First, we must enter the “Insights” page. Click on “Analysis” in the menu in the field on the left → “Insights” to view the conversion performance of the message process of different modules.

In the lower left corner of the Insights page, the BotBonnie platform presents a user conversion data overview using 5 color levels. You can see at a glance which modules and processes perform best and which need improvement.

Visual interaction hotspot analysis
Visual interaction hotspot analysis

Highly flexible views of visual interactive data

Before viewing the effectiveness of Insights, you must first make the following three settings according to your needs:

1. Set time interval

After entering the Insights screen, first go to the upper right and select the time interval you want to view. In addition to customizing the time, you can also click on the left to quickly filter by time interval:

Custom time interval
Custom time interval

2. Set up filter channels

In the “Channel Selection” field at the top right of the Insights screen, you can choose to view Facebook, LINE, or all channels. If the bot is linked to multiple fan pages and LINE accounts, you can then choose to view a single/all fan pages or official accounts.

Filter the channels you want to view
Filter the channels you want to view

3. Set data display

You can choose “According to the number or ratio of interactions” to display the effectiveness of user interactions between each module, and calculate each separately: The number of users, replies, and button clicks for the module; if displayed in proportion, they will be calculated based on unique users. For example, if a module has 100 interactions and 50 unique users click on the module button, the CTR is 50/100 (number of users/total number of users) = 50%.

  • Users: Number of non-repeating individuals receiving the module.
  • Replies: The total number of times each message in this module was sent.
  • Clicks: Calculate the sum of all button clicks for the module.
Two methods to display data
Two methods to display data

Use more in-depth Insights to analyze the click-through rate for each button!

Click on each module to see more detailed analysis data:

  • Users: The number of unique users who have interacted with the module
  • Replies: The total number of times each message in this module was sent
  • Module click rate: Among the users who saw this module, how many unique users interacted with it?
  • Total number of module clicks: Only the following click data is included: The response module, the button for opening the URL, and the Quick Reply of the response module

You can also open the module to view the performance of each button within the module! Optimize future campaigns through more comprehensive marketing campaign analysis. The button click rate is calculated in units of unique users. For example, in the figure below, 16 users have interacted with the “Question 2” module. The click rate of the “Please hurry up!” button is 31.3%, which means that 5 users have clicked that button. The number of clicks on the button displays 9 times, which means that the same person repeatedly clicked the button.

【BotBonnie’s Note】The following button forms can be recorded:

  • Buttons:Text/carousel card/imagemap button: Only include when the button is a teleport dialogue click count of modules and open URLs; does not include sharing to LINE/Facebook, click count made for calls.
  • Quick Reply: Only include the results of the quick reply to send the count of the dialogue module, does not include the count of transfer locations.
Button click analysis
Button click analysis

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