Conditions kit

【BotBonnie’s Note】This feature is only available in the paid PRO version. Please contact us for details!

For a richer event, start with Conditions

Use the “Conditions” kit to give varied responses based on the various Tags or Parameters of the user, and apply them to games, such as quiz-chatbot message scenarios, to create a more interesting and rich interactive demo!

1. Add Conditions kit

Click “Rule Kit”“Conditions” on the toolbar above, and the Conditions module will appear in Flows.

2. Set Default Scenario

When the user’s status does not meet any rules, the user will be guided to the process of the Default Scenario. You can choose the module to which the bot will respond in the Default Scenario, or you can set to None.

3. Settings

Click “+Add Diversion Scenario”. In a customized scenario, different processes can be guided according to the tags or parameters that the user has/does not have. If the user does not meet the conditions of the custom scenario, it will follow the process set by the Default Scenario.

【BotBonnie’s Tips】
1. In each scenario, separate conditions follow the “and” concept; that is, only when all the conditions are met will the user be directed to the scenario.
2. When two scenarios are met at the same time, the scenario that was set first will be triggered as the first priority.
Example: In Scenario 1, the user Tag set for the Rules is “banana”; in Scenario 2, the user Tags set for the Rules are “banana” and “apple”. When there are users with “banana” and “apple” Tags today, both scenarios are satisfied; but since Scenario 1 is set as a priority over Scenario 2, the user will be guided to the process of Scenario 1.

An example of a practical application

Imagine that BotBonnie is holding a two-year anniversary event and, during this time, that it is collecting everyone’s feelings about BotBonnie. After filling in information, each person is provided a one-month Sponsored version as a prize for the event, limited to one per person.

How would you do that? Let Bonnie demonstrate by using “Conditions.”

Structural flowchart

We can design two message processes, one each for “users participating in the event for the first time” and “users who have participated in the event”.

Because there are no tags or parameters when the user participates in the event for the first time, the user would then be directed to the “Default Scenario” process.

The “Default Scenario” process

In the Default Scenario, we have arranged three small questions, which are “Impression Score,” “Platform Operation,” and “Marketing Techniques,” to ask users to help rate BotBonnie.

Set the “Add Tag” action

After finishing the answers, the user will be brought to the module to receive the sponsorship serial number. Bonnie will “+Add Action” on the Quick Reply button and add the Tag “already participated in the prize draw” to identify whether the user is a first-time participant in the event.

If the user plays in the event again, it will be determined that the user has the tag “already participated in the prize draw” due to the Conditions kit, and the user will be directed to the module message “has participated in the event.”

Users who have already participated in the prize draw will go through the process of has participated in the event

Just like that, users can be prevented from participating multiple times in a single event. Isn’t it a really handy function?

Congratulations on learning to use the super handy Conditions kit!


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