Start conversations with QR code

A new way to start a conversation module!

In the Growth Tools, in addition to “Post Comment Reply” and “Start chats with URL,” you can also use “Scan Code to Start Conversation Module,” allowing users to directly open a specific dialogue module by scanning a QR Code.

The most convenient thing about using a QR Code is that when offline events are held, users can just scan the QR Code to enter the chatbot dialogue process. If you sell goods in the market, you can attach a QR Code next to the goods to let users look up product information and discounts, and even complete a purchase. In addition to saving on labor, you can create a new user experience through chatbots!

Next, let’s learn how to use the “Scan QR Code to Start Conversation Module”!

Add scan code to start conversation module

First, go to the menu on the left and click “Growth Tools,” then go to the upper right corner to “Add Growth Tools.” We provide six Growth Tools. Select “Scan Code to Start Conversation Module” to enter the editor screen.

Select "Start conversations with QR code"
Select “Start conversations with QR code”

Set QR Code

When setting up the bot, name the event first to facilitate subsequent management. Then, select the dialogue module guided by the QR Code, which represents the module message that the user will receive after scanning the code. In addition, if you have multiple channels to connect, you need to select the linked fan page or LINE OA so that the QR Code can be used on the right channel.

In recent offline events, it is popular to use scan codes to open specified conversations in LINE; just select LINE OA in the channel, and that’s it! Users only need to take out their phone to scan the code and enter the brand’s official LINE account, satisfy event conditions to enter lucky draws, and questionnaire surveys, send promotional codes and other marketing events, or view information about merchants and products.

If you want, you can set “Actions“; the system will automatically record the user’s interests, characteristics, and other matters, including Add/Remove Tags, Notify Customer Care, Save User Parameter, Save as user info, Add/Subtract Parameter, HTTP Request, and Set Menu Group.

【BotBonnie’s Tip】You can track the number of people who scan the code to enter an interaction by setting the “Add Tag” “Action”! As long as the user enters by scanning the code, they will be marked with a certain Tag. Go to the Audience page to check the number of users who have entered the event by scanning the code!

After you set the information, just click “Generate” and “Save” in the lower right corner to generate your own QR Code. You can directly scan the code with your camera to demo the chatbot dialogue process right then and there!

Set QR code
Set QR code

QR Code Scanning Performance Report

After setting up the QR code, the most important thing, from a marketer’s perspective, is to analyze the event data, so you can analyze the event’s performance through clicks on the QR code.

First, find the QR code we want to view in “Growth Tools.” In the four icons on the right, find the “eye” icon to open the performance report!

Performance Review
Performance Review

【BotBonnie’s Tip】The four icons on the right are in the following order: Link URL, performance report, editor design, delete.

Performance report summary

The report summary shows the total number of times the QR Code has been scanned so far: The number of scans from unique users and the total scans.

For example, in the following figure: There are 10 unique user scans, and 13 total scans.

Report Summary
Report Summary

Performance Report Detailed Data

You can also view the changes in the number of daily scans over a specific time interval, including the number of unique users and the number of scans.

Detailed data over the specified time period: Unique users/Times scanned
Detailed data over the specified time period: Unique users/Times scanned

Easily learn to use the scan code to start a conversation module!

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