What are Actions?

Actions allow us to track user behavior as users engage robots. With Actions, we provide different users with specific tags for their user groups to group them, so that we can implement exclusive marketing and broadcasts for them.

First, an “Action” can do the following:

  1. Add/remove tag
  2. Notify Customer Care
  3. Save as user info
  4. Set to a Messenger menu group or LINE menu group
  5. Other advanced functions: Add / Delete Parameter, HTTP Request to Save User Parameter, Add / Delete Parameter

【BotBonnie’s note】The “Notify Customer Care” action is currently available  for PRO users only.

How to add an Action

1.  Go-to Module” and “Open URL” in regular buttons

Add an Action under a button

2.Quick Reply

Add an Action under a Quick Reply

3. User Input

Add an Action under User Input

4. “Start Conversation by Short Link/QR code” in Growth Tools

Add an Action under a Short Link

【BotBonnie’s Note】Action buttons show the number of Actions that are currently set.

Action Application Case Study

Today, BotBonnie would like to track user groups who are interested in trying out chatbots so we set up the Action “Register” this Tag in “🔥Register Now.” When the user clicks on the “🔥Register Now” button to visit the official website, the user will be tagged with the “Register” tag.

After collecting a certain amount of users with the “Register” tag, we can set up a broadcast”.

User groups with the “Register” tag may be new users of the platform. We can therefore send notifications such as “BotBonnie just launched a great new function. Come try it out” to the group.

This allows BotBonnie to target user groups for targeted marketing with precision.

This easy-to-use and practical function can be achieved with Actions. Come try it out.

Start your precision marketing with Actions.


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