User Input Settings

Simple settings for triggering the dialogue module with greater flexibility

The modules are connected with “buttons.” User Input is a method for connecting modules.

The tutorial scenario is set for your consumers to enter keywords ( the keyword here is “member” ) in the “campaign introduction” module for the bot to respond with the “member gifts” module message. The User Input is used to connect to the module.

user input
The bot automatically reviews the contents entered by the user and connects the user to the corresponding module

User Input Settings

1.  Add Behavior

Click the “event introduction” module → “User Input” “Behavior” for the bot to send the “event introduction” module message. The user enters the input content, type, and format message to connect to the “member gift” message content.

Example: When the user enters any keyword, the keyword will be used as the trigger condition. When the user enters the “member” action, the bot will respond with the “member gift” module content.

Add user behavior
New behavior and action

【BotBonnie’s note】The logic of Keywords is the same as “Growth Tools: Default Reply Message”

In addition, to satisfy the behavior conditions, you can also use +Action to “Add/Remove Tag for users.

Add actions
Add actions

2. Set default behavior

If the User Input does not meet any behavior condition, instruct the bot to respond with a specific module message. “None” is set as the default response. It means that if the user does not respond with specific keywords, the bot will not respond to the user message.

Set default behavior
Set default behavior

【BotBonnie’s note】If behavior conditions are not set, the bot will respond with the contents in the “default behavior” module.

Difference between User Input and AI Rules

The keywords in AI Rules target the contents of all flows. Regardless of the location of the user in the flows, a keyword match will trigger the corresponding module. User Input is an action that is used to determine user behavior in an individual module.

【BotBonnie’s note】The system prioritizes “User Input” conditions. Therefore, if you have set the same keyword, the system will use the module triggered by the User Input as the bot response.。

User Input Application Case Study

We will focus on keyword identification in this tutorial about Settings. When the user enters different keywords in the module, the bot will respond differently.

After the user enters the “blood type,” the bot will provide a corresponding message module.

1.  Add Behavior

Click the message module “User Input” and “+Behavior” to set keywords before selecting the corresponding message module for the response. If you need to plan multiple User Input match modules, you can consider the process in the dialogue first and create multiple response modules which will save you time when you select the Bot Reply.

Add multiple behaviors
Add multiple behaviors

2.Set and deploy default behavior

In default behavior, you can set responses for inputs other than keywords for behaviors. We will demonstrate how to let users start answering questions again in the “User Input” module. After the settings are done, press the Deploy button at the top right corner to launch the event.

Set and deploy default behavior
Set and deploy default behavior

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