Set Segmented Tags

If users of different types and demands can be “tagged” and “segmented,” when the bot wants to actively push messages, it will be able to provide content that is appropriate for specific user needs, and at the same time, reduce the blocking rate.

In the following scenario, Bonnie will demonstrate the use and concept of Segmented Tags in the context of the “Bonnie Shop”!

Bonnie Orange Shop now sells a variety of snacks. In order to understand users’ snack preferences and the approximate number of people who like certain snacks, you can use the “Add Tag” function to tag users and collect data. Afterwards, it can also push snack-related messages to users when certain snacks match their preferences.

Bonnie Shop wants to ask users which type of snacks they like. It provides three Buttons (cakes, potato chips, and donuts) for users to choose from.

Bonnie Shop flow

1. Add tag

You can add three tags to the “Audience management” menu in the left field, namely cakes, potato chips, and donuts (the number after the tag is the number of “tagged” users)

Add tags
Add tags

【BotBonnie’s Note】After inputting the Tag name, remember to press the enter key. The tag has only been entered successfully  once it has turned blue or green!

2. Add Action

Go back to “Flows,” find the button you want to tag the user clicking, and click “Actions”

Add action
Add action

Click “+Add Action”“Add Tag,” and select the tag you just added (the purpose of this setting is to trigger the bot to place a tag on the user after the user presses the button). Lastly press the “Complete” button at the bottom right corner.

Add tag

You can also add multiple tags to one button or simultaneously set “Remove Tags”

add multiple tags

【BotBonnie’s Note】
Free “Starter” version users can only add 5 sets of user Tags
“Essential” version users can add 50 sets of user tags
“Professional” version users can add 500 sets of user tags

Congratulations! You can now segment users!

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