Build a chatbot from scratch in 4 steps!

It’s super easy to build bots for FB and LINE!

chatbots are not simply automated customer service. chatbots are the secret weapon for operating FB fan pages and official LINE accounts. Editors can use chatbots to greatly improve work efficiency and efficacy, and fully satisfy the analysis needs of customer service, marketing, and users.

  • Customer service applications: Message auto reply, FAQ process settings, real person, bot switching, etc…
  • Marketing applications: Psychological Test, Post Comment Reply, Lucky Draw, Invoice, Growth Shopping, etc…
  • User analysis: Automated tagging, precision segmented broadcasts, ad audience export, record user interaction process, etc…

Do I need to constantly communicate with an engineer to build a chatbot?

BotBonnie provides submission services on the platform with a high degree of freedom. By simply logging in to the BotBonnie backend, you can drag and drop with your mind map to creatively execute a number of marketing events any time you need. Lucky Draw, Scratch-off Lottery, Invoice, and game quizzes do not require any outside help at all.

You do not need to write programs. Just drag-and-drop the mind map and the editor can complete it easily without help

It’s convenient and easy-to-use, but is it expensive?

BotBonnie offers very flexible charging methods. At first, you can use the permanent Starter version to build a basic bot. Later, when you need to use the advanced functions, you can pay to upgrade the bot.

  • Permanent free Starter version: Allows you to build a simple Facebook bot with no time limit
  • Essential version NT$1,999: LINE or Facebook bots can be built for automatic tagging, segmented broadcasts, and one-on-one customer service.
  • Professional version NT$3,999: You can simultaneously manage numerous LINE and Facebook fan pages. In addition to automated responses, you can also use various marketing kits, such as Lucky Draw, Scratch-off, and Invoice. Such powerful functions help you save big on your marketing budget and development time.

Make your own chatbot in just four steps

Quick start and one-click link

1. Register account: Go to the official website and use your personal FB account to register as a BotBonnie bot trainer. Then, you can complete a simple tutorial on bot settings.

2. Edit bot: Design exclusive messages and interactive content on the BotBonnie chatbot platform with a variety of module functions

3. Connect to FB or LINE: On the BotBonnie chatbot platform, you can connect to FB fan pages or LINE with admin permissions with just one click, and you can make multiple connections at the same time!

4. Deploy after testing: After the test has been confirmed, press deploy to officially start interacting with fans. Fans cannot see the edited content before you deploy it, so you can experiment boldly with platform features!

1. Click “Get a Free Trial Now” on the official BotBonnie website to enter the registration process

Enter the registration and Add Bot processes

  1. Leave your Email and select your purpose of use (the selected purpose does not affect subsequent bot design or editing)
  2. Register as a BotBonnie bot owner using your personal Facebook account.
  3. Select the bot template (select Blank Bot to enter the following process, and other templates to enter the bot editing screen)
  4. Practice adding bot messages and buttons (help understand the editing process; you can modify it later)
  5. Name the bot and upload the bot image (only bot editors will see this setting; you can modify it later)
  6. Link to fan page, LINE, or skip (after connecting to a fan page, the edited content will not be published, and users will not be able to see it yet. You can skip it for now)
  7. Enter the chatbot platform to continue editing

Edit chatbot Flows on the console

The BotBonnie chatbot platform uses a clear mind map to present the Message Flows. If you can grasp the following functions, you can build your own Message Flows step by step: 

  1. Add “Dialogue Module”: Each gray block is a “Dialogue Module.” You can edit text, images, videos, audio, carousel cards, and LINE Imagemap messages in the dialogue module. Messages in a dialogue module are sent simultaneously to the user.
  2. Connect to the next “dialogue module”: The following methods can be set for each dialogue module for users to proceed to the next dialogue module after interaction. They can view the information in the next dialogue module or execute other instructions.
    1. General button: This can be added under “Text” and “Carousel Cards”, and is a permanent button that users can click repeatedly. You can set commands such as going to a specific dialogue or opening a webpage upon the user clicking a certain button.
    2. Quick reply button: This can only be clicked once, and it can be set to go to a specific dialogue module upon clicking. It is suitable for use in non-repeatable selection processes, such as quizzes.
    3. User Input: In each dialogue module, you can set it to enter the specified keyword or message format and go to the specified dialogue module when the user sees the dialogue message; for example: Dialogue Module A requests that the user enter a phone number. You can set the user input of module A so that when the user input format is a phone number, it will proceed to the next question to ask for an email address. If the user input is not in a phone number format, it will proceed to the input error prompt that asks the user to re-enter the number.
    4. Go-to Module: You can directly set it so that the bot will automatically send out the message of the next module without any interactive behavior from the user.

You can create your own chatbot Flows by simply connecting dialogue modules step by step using the method described above! You can perform a psychological test, make a customer service menu, and conduct a game test with ease. It can also be used with advanced Kits such as Lucky Draw kit, Invoice, and Survey to design a series of marketing events.

3. One-click link to FB or LINE

One-click link to FB fan page

The BotBonnie platform automatically detects the FB fan pages managed by the user. After obtaining user authorization, the user can view the connected FB fan page on the platform. Simply click “Connect” on the Settings page to connect to your fan page. You can also disconnect the FB fan page by clicking “Disconnect” on the platform.

Connect to official LINE account

The BotBonnie platform automatically detects the FB fan pages managed by the user. After obtaining user authorization, the user can view the connected FB fan page on the platform. Simply click “Connect” on the Settings page to connect to your fan page. You can also disconnect the FB fan page by clicking “Disconnect” on the platform.

4. Test and publish contents

Then go to the upper right corner of the BotBonnie console to test and deploy. And just like that, your bots can meet your fans!

Do you know how to make it by just reading the text? Follow Bonnie! We’ll take you through the process, step by step, in just five minutes!

👉Make your first chatbot in just 5 minutes!


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