Add Button

1. Add Button

Click “+Button” to add a new button. To edit the button name, you can select the “Postback Module” and select the “Module” you want or select “Add Module.” Click “Complete” at the bottom right corner.

In addition, you can click the button and click “Delete” at the bottom left corner of the Editor to delete the button.

Add button

【BotBonnie’s note】Text, carousel, and lists can be used with the button. You can add up to three “regular buttons” for text.

2. Change the button sequence

Simply click the “↕” button on the left with the mouse to change the sequence of the buttons.

Adjust the sequence of buttons

3. Difference between the “regular button” and “quick reply”

In the next article, we will learn about a function that is very similar to buttons – “quick reply”. What is the difference between quick replies and the buttons we just learned about? First, let’s take a look at how they are displayed in the chatbot messages.

In addition to differences in the display, the biggest differences between the two are the number of messages and the life cycle. You can set up to 3 buttons and 13 quick replies. Quick replies will disappear after the user clicks on them. Therefore, it is generally used in interaction procedures where you don’t want the user to go back and click on other options, whereas regular buttons are always in the messages and can be accessed by the user to start new conversations at any time.

Comparison between regular buttons and quick reply buttons

Backstage settings for buttons and quick reply

Note that the “Button” can only be used with text and carousel cards when you change settings in the console. The quick reply can be used with any message format. In addition, regular buttons can connect to more actions than the quick reply buttons such as sharing to FB/LINE, open URL, and phone call.

Differences in settings and connections

Congratulations! You have successfully added a button.


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