one-time notification

What is a one-time notification?

A one-time notification is a new function launched by Messenger this year (2020). The brand owner can use Messenger to send a “One-time notification request” message for the user to click “Notify Me” to gain an opportunity to send one message to the user via broadcast within one year. This function is not confined by the restriction for sending broadcasts only 24 hours after the interaction.

How do I use one-time notifications?

The following scenarios are very suitable for one-time notifications which can make sure that the fans of your brand do not miss out on the latest information:

  • Fundraising progress notifications.
  • New product launch notifications.
  • Latest discount information.
  • Notifications for registering for new events.
  • New function notifications.
  • Notifications for arrival of new stock.

One-time notifications can be used for different types of interactions between the brand and fans and they are not constrained by the broadcast policy. Therefore, if the message content already meets the tag rules in the broadcast policy, you don’t need to choose one-time notification as the method for sending broadcasts.

Example scenario of BotBonnie’s one-time notification application

Before the one-time notification function is placed on the platform, send a new function notification and set the “Notify Me” button. When a fan agrees to receive the new function notification and press the “Notify Me” button, BotBonnie can automatically send the new function notification to the fan via broadcast when the function is officially launched.

one-time notification
one-time notification

Application for one-time notification permissions for Facebook Pages

It’s very simple to apply for one-time notification permissions for Facebook Pages. Simply follow the following four steps to complete the application:

  1. Go to the Fan Page settings page
  2. Select advanced messages
  3. Request: One-time notification
  4. Once the terms are verified, the setting is completed
Apply for one-time notification
Apply for one-time notification

Setting up the one-time notification request on BotBonnie’s platform

Enter the BotBonnie Chatbot platform to set up the one-time notification request:

  1. Add a dialogue module (you can add it in the flows, private messages for FB post comment reply, and add broadcast message module)
  2. Add a “one-time notification request” message
  3. Edit the “one-time notification request” message text (65-character limit)
  4. Edit the “Notify Me” button and select the next dialogue module
  5. Edit the message response module after the user clicks “Notify Me”
Add one-time notification request
Add one-time notification request
Edit one-time notification request
Edit one-time notification request

Send the one-time notification request

After setting the message, you can use BotBonnie’s wide range of Growth Tools or send one-time notification requests via broadcasts directly to users. Once the user clicks the “Notify Me” button, you can send new function notifications via broadcast to the user.

The one-time notification request may be viewed by the users through the following methods:

  • Start chats with URL
  • Start private chats with post comment
  • Broadcast notifications

Broadcast one-time notification message

The users who have clicked the “Notify Me” button in the “one-time notification request” message will be included in the “default one-time notification list.” The BotBonnie platform will allow users to set multiple one-time notification lists for different application settings to maximize the flexibility for applications. After accumulating a list of users who have clicked the “Notify Me” button, you can send notifications to the users on the list through the following steps:

  1. Broadcasts
  2. Select the FB channel for sending
  3. Add sending conditions: One-time notification list (other rules can also be incorporated)
  4. The default broadcast tag is: One-time notification
  5. Set broadcast time and message
  6. Send
One-time notification broadcast
One-time notification broadcast

You have completed the “one-time notification” settings. Wasn’t it easy?

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