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[BotBonnie’s Note] This function is only available for bots connected to the LINE account and does not support Messenger.

Eye-catching full-size images increase sales

A great feature of the LINE Imagemap is the visual effect of a full-size image display. Compared to simple text, images are more eye-catching and help increase user interest by directing users who clicked on them to the shopping site. The differences between setting up the “LINE Imagemap” in the BotBonnie platform and the LINE backstage:

  1. You can create settings for directing the user to the Go-to Module/Open URL after the user clicks on the image

You can create settings for the user to directly engage the bot in conversation in the “Go-to Module” after the user clicks on the image. You can also create settings to direct the user to “Open URL,” entering an external website after they  click on an image.

  1. Set up actions for user clicks on images

Set the “Add Tag” actions to track the total number of clicks on images and the list of users who clicked on images to issue segmented broadcasts for these tagged users for remarketing later.

We will now use the assistant to show how you can use “LINE Imagemap” to increase marketing effectiveness.

1. Add Imagemap

First, click “Add Module” in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Next, select “Imagemap” in the module to upload an image to start editing.z

Add Imagemap
Add Imagemap

【BotBonnie’s note】The image size is limited to 1 MB.

 2. Choose Imagemap layout

You must upload an image with a ratio of 1:1. We provide eight types of Imagemap layouts for designing your campaign. We provide certain actions for each layout (Go-to Module or Open URL) and you can design images and interactions based on your requirements.

Simply click the “ellipsis” at the top right corner of “Upload photos” and select “Change Layout.”

Change layout
Change layout

3. Edit Imagemap content

You can move the cursor over the image in each layout and click on the image block to select three types of actions: Go-to Module, Open URL, or None.

Next, edit the “Button Area.” If you chose “Go-to Module” in the previous step, the “Button Area” will be the message sent by the user to the bot after the user clicks the image. If you choose “Open URL” or “None” in the previous step, the “Button Area” will not appear in the messages and you don’t have to edit it.

You can choose whether to set “Actions” (set the “Add Tag” to track the total number of clicks on images and the list of users who clicked on images for remarketing in segmented broadcasts later.

Set Imagemap content
Set Imagemap content

4. Action label

Action label refers to the text sent to the mobile phone screen in a LINE broadcast.

When the user receives a LINE message from the bot with “✨ 12% off everything! Shop til you drop🔪,” this would be an “Action label” edited on the Bonnie platform.

When the user clicks on the message and enters the chatroom, the user can view the full-size Imagemap sent by the store. After the user clicks on the image, a text message “Show me the discounts!” will be delivered. This is created in the “Button Area” on the Bonnie platform and will cause the bot to send the next module message.

Finally, after the user clicks on the image and receives the carousel sent by the bot, which provides recommended products and buttons to guide customers through the purchase process.

View Imagemap
View Imagemap

That’s how you set up the LINE Imagemap. You can set the Imagemap in “Broadcasts” and actively send notifications to users. You can also set Scan code/start chats with URL” and use the QR code and short link to start interactions with customers.

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to use LINE Imagemap.

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