Carousel message

1. Add carousel

When you add a module, click “Carousel” to add a carousel. Click on the blank field to edit the carousel. A carousel can contain up to 10 carousel cards. In addition to the carousel titles, you must at least provide an image, subtitle, or button.

Add carousel
Add carousel

【BotBonnie’s note】A carousel consists of cards that can be scrolled horizontally. The cards are composed of images, titles, and subtitles.

2.Add and delete cards

Click “+” to add a carousel card. You can add up to ten cards. If you need to delete a single card, click the “Trash Can” button on the right to delete a carousel card or the entire carousel. Please note that this action cannot be undone. Once cards are removed, the information on the cards will disappear.
📌 Please double check before delete it because it cannot be recovered.

Add and delete cards
Add and delete cards

3. Change the sequence of the cards

If you wish to change the sequence of multiple cards, simply use the mouse to drag the box below the card to drag the carousel to your desired location in the sequence.

change card order
change card order

4. Adjust the image size

We provide two types of image size displays. Simply click on the “slanted arrows” on the top right of the image to zoom in and out of the image.

Adjust image size
Adjust image size

Let’s view a carousel demo video. VeryBuy’s offshore shopping website used BotBonnie’s chatbot to successfully create “AI customer services.”

Use carousel cards to make browsing messages more intuitive.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a carousel.

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