One-click Share to Facebook Post

One-click share to FB to quickly develop the community

Add a function for “one-click share to Facebook” by users in the regular buttons of the Messages. This function allows you to implement marketing activities and interact with users with the bot. You can also let users easily share the contents you want to share and quickly increase the exposure of the fan page.

Set Share to Facebook

First, select ” Share to Facebook” for the options for regular buttons and enter the editing page. Paste the target page URL in the link to go to after clicking and edit the tags, post citations, images, title, and subtitle of the post. You can also choose the action after the user completes sharing. None, Postback Module, or proceed to external link.

If we want users to share our event for more people to participate in the tasting of new products, we can set the event page as the link to go to after clicking, enter tags, quotes, titles, and subtitles, and insert images.

After sharing, we hope that the user can continue to interact with the bot. Therefore, the user will be switched back to the “deal of the month” module in settings. After the user shares the link, continue interactions with bot messages.

Setting share to Facebook
Setting share to Facebook

Share to Facebook scenario

After completing the settings, let’s take a look at user scenarios.

After the user presses the share button, the contents we set will appear to help users post quicker. Users can also enter the text they want to share. After the user completes sharing, the user will be directed to the “deals of the month” module message.

Process for one-click share to FB
Process for one-click share to FB

Congratulations! You have learned the one-click share to FB function.

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