Test and Deploy Bot

1. Test Bot/Test This Module

You can start tests with the “Get Started” module or a specific module.

Test entire Flows

Click “Test” at the top right corner of the interface to open the Bonnie Lab in Messenger and test the interactions with the “Get Started” module of the bot.

Test module

To test a specific module, you can click on the “▷” button at the top of the Module Editor and choose “Test module” or “Copy test module URL”. The former will take you to the Bonnie Lab chatroom and the latter will share the test module with others through a URL for others to test and correct the bot before deployment.

Test Bot

【BotBonnie’s tips】You must complete editing for all dialogue modules in Flows before you can test and deploy the bot.

2. Deploy Bot

Click the top right button to deploy the entire bot or choose “Deploy only this Kit.” Click on “Deploy” at the top right corner of the interface to deploy the bot to the fan page

Deploy bot

3. Check whether the bot is correctly deployed

Go to the Facebook Page and select your personal profile for interactions. Click “Send messages” to start a dialogue window. If this is your first interaction with the Facebook Page, click “Get Started” to start a dialogue with your bot.

4. Take five minutes to review how you made your first bot

Congratulations! You have deployed your first chatbot!

Official website / Facebook Fan page / Tutorials

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