Sub Flows

Sub Flows help you store flows

When your chatbot has several major themes that must be separated but you don’t want a cluttered display when you edit the major themes or let them affect other modules, you can use the “Sub Flows” as a folder for sorting and storing your flows.

Example of the use of Sub Flows

For the BotBonnie fan page, BotBonnie information and chatbot introduction and customer services are major sections that must be carefully arranged and designed. This is where we can add three Sub Flows and name them “Understand BotBonnie,” “All about Chatbots,” and the “FAQ” to facilitate independent editing of the procedures and contents of these Sub Flows.

BotBonnie Chatbot Builder page
BotBonnie Chatbot Builder page

How to set Sub Flows?

1. Add Sub Flows

First, enter Flows and click “Sub Flows” in the toolbar above to create and rename Sub Flows.

Add Sub Flows page
Add Sub Flows page

Click on the Sub Flows twice to edit the Sub Flows. Sub Flows are edited the same way as the Main Flow. The Sub Flows page will appear at the top of the screen. This is where you can freely switch between Flows for editing.

Sub Flows Editor pag
Sub Flows Editor page (page contents are displayed at the top of the page)

2. Move modules into/out of Sub Flows

If you want to move modules in the Main Flow to Sub Flows, simply move the cursor to the module and right click or select the “ellipsis” function menu at the top right corner of the module to choose the Sub Flows you want to import to move them with ease. You can also move modules in the Sub Flows to the Main Flow.

Use the “ellipsis” function menu to move modules with ease

Benefits of using Sub Flows

  1. They have the same functions as the Main Flow and do not make operations more complicated.
  2. When the procedures of Flows are more complicated, using Sub Flows can make the entire process easier to discern.
  3. The sub-page display is intuitive and easy to edit. It also makes the main page appear neater and easier to operate.
  4. It is convenient for changing the contents of specific modules and does not affect the entire Messages process

【BotBonnie’s tips】
1. When naming the Sub Flows, make sure that you can identify the contents of the Sub Flows by name.
2. Clarify the relations between the Messages process and modules to maximize the utility of the Sub Flows and facilitate rapid inquiries, editing, and sorting.

Congratulations! You have learned more about how to edit the Flows!

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