One-click Share to LINE Friend

One-click share to LINE Friend and Groups

The “Share to LINE Friend” function in the Buttons of messages help users share information with LINE friends or groups. For example, when you organize an online event, you can ask users to share event information to LINE friends after they completed the event to increase the number of shares and reach, and create effective promotional effects. In addition, we also provide non-public sharing methods to encourage users to actively share information and increase the number of shares.

Let’s see how Bonnie sets the “Share to LINE Friend” function in Buttons.

1.   Setting Share with LINE Friend

Click “+Buttons” below the text message and select “Share to LINE Friend” in the drop down menu. Edit the description for “Share to LINE Friend.”

You can enter the button name such as Share with LINE friends and win a gift. After you complete editing, click “Done” at the bottom right corner.

Setting Share with LINE Friend
Setting Share with LINE Friend

【BotBonnie’s tips】When you edit “Share to LINE Friends,” you can enter up to 640 characters.

You have completed setting the “Share with LINE Friend” button. When the user presses the “Share to LINE Friend” button and enters the message content, the friend will view the following:

Share with LINE Friend process
Share with LINE Friend process

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to set up Share to LINE Friend!

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