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Content management overview; chatbots are hot right now

Click “Automation” on the menu on the left of the bot editor interface. The sub-menu will expand with: AI Rules, Auto Reply, Greetings screen, and Persistent Menu. Here, you can manage the keyword replies of the bot, the Auto Reply content of the bot, set the Facebook greetings screen, and edit the Persistent Menu.

Bonnie will describe and explain these four sub-menu settings in detail below.

1. AI Rules

Rather than pressing the button, the user directly enters text, so it is out of the Flows procedure. The “AI Rules” settings are very important at this time.

After setting “AI Rules,” no matter at which step the user enters a designated keyword in the Flows procedure, we can respond with the preset dialogue module.

Go to → AI Rules to learn how to set it up.

You can go to the “AI Rules” page from “Automation” in the field on the left

2. Auto Reply

“Automatic Reply” comes in handy when the user’s behavior bot cannot handle the “User Input” and “AI Rules” settings. In the Auto Reply settings, a module can be selected for a unified response. After selecting the module, click the preview button below to view the content of the message in the module.

The switch button next to the Auto Reply drop down menu can be set to the “Running (green)” and “Closed (gray)” states.

“Auto Reply” settings page

3. Greetings

“Greetings” is the content that is displayed when the user interacts with the Facebook fan page bot for the first time. Intro text can be set to explain the function of the chat bot. When editing the Greetings text, the phone diagram on the right hand side will also instantly preview the content.

Click the drop down menu below the blue “Get Started” button to set the content of the module that pops up after the user clicks the “Get Started” button. After selecting the module, click the preview button below that to view the information on the module content.

Bonnie’s Note】 When the Messages Flows mistakenly deletes the “Get Started” module, you can select a new Get Started module from here.

“Greetings” settings interface

4. Menu management

This “Persistent Menu/Rich Menu” will be opened when the user presses the menu button on the left side of the text input box in Messenger/LINE at any stage of Messages. Click “+Add an Item” on the Messenger persistent menu to set the dialogue module to be added to the Persistent Menu, or open the URL. Up to three menu items can be created.

To learn more about settings, go to→Menu Management.

【BotBonnie’s Note】If you are using the Starter free version, one of the three menu items in the Messenger persistent menu is the permanent Bonnie watermark.

“Messenger Persistent Menu” settings interface
“LINE Rich Menu” settings interface


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