AI Rules

Rather than pressing the button, the user directly enters text, so it is out of the Flows procedure. The “AI Rules” settings are very handy at this time.

After setting “AI Rules,” no matter at which step the user enters a designated keyword in the Flows procedure, the bot can respond with the preset dialogue module. Next, we’ll share how to create AI Rules! 

New AI Rule

First, go to the menu to the left of the bot platform and click “Automation”; select “AI Rules” to enter the AI Rules settings screen, click on “+New AI Rule” in the upper right corner, and the addition is complete!

New AI Rule

Add Keywords

Click on the newly added AI Rules to expand the editor bar and make settings. First set the keywords that trigger the AI Rules. After entering a keyword, press enter and select the Conditions of the AI Rules: Contains any keyword/Contains all keywords/Exact match.

After you have entered keywords, name keywords of the same type. If you have a lot of AI Rules fields, you can find keywords easier by naming them. If you need to cancel the use of the dialogue module, just switch the left-hand button to the off position!

Add keywords

【BotBonnie’s Tip】
“Contains any keyword” means that the User Input contains any keyword that is set to meet the rules; “Contains all keywords” means that the User Input contains all the keywords that are set to meet the rules; “Exact match” means that the User Input must be exactly the same as the keywords, with no text other than those keywords in the content.

In addition, it is important to note that the keywords are sensitive to the halfwidth and fullwidth forms but not case-sensitive.

Select Bot Reply Module

After setting the designated keywords, we then select the Message module to which the bot will reply when the user enters the keywords. You can search by typing or just select the message module from the drop down menu.

【BotBonnie’s Tip】Before setting the message module for replying, you must “Deploy” the bot before you can see the dialogue module from the drop down menu!

Select the module you want to use to reply

After selecting the Message module, you can click the module preview below to view the message content. If you want to change the message module, click “Remove” on the right side of the module preview to reselect, or add a new module to edit the message!

View module and replacement message

Set up Actions

When a user enters a keyword, it means that that user is interested in that word. Therefore, we can add an “Action” to that keyword, so that the user will be tagged, as described above, upon entering the keyword; or the user will automatically be transferred to a customer service representative; or replaced with different menus and other applications. Just click the lightning bolt icon to start Actions. You can choose to use “Add Tag, Remove Tag, Notify Customer Care, Set Menu Group, and HTTP Request.”

Set up actions

【BotBonnie’s Tip】Each of the “AI Rules” can have “Actions” set!

Search keywords

When you use several AI Rules groups, you may find it difficult to quickly find the words you want to search for, or you might forget which words you have used. You can quickly find the words you’re looking for by using the search field at the top of AI Rules. You can also list the AI Rules groups in which the word has been used, that way you can avoid duplicates!

Search keywords

Deploy Bot

After setting the AI Rules, remember to click “Deploy” in the upper right-hand corner and update any changes you have made to the fan page. After that, you’re done!

Deploy AI Rules


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