Quickly understand bot status

Click the “Bot Settings” menu in the left field of the Editor, and an upper row will appear: There are six settings categories, namely Connect to Bot, Co-Editor, Notify Customer Care, Bot Status, Billing Details, and Advanced. Here, the trainer can: 

  1. Manage connected fan pages
  2. Add Bot Co-editor
  3. Set up LINE Notify as a channel for Notify Customer Care
  4. Check the statuses of Bots and Connected Channels
  5. Track your Payment Information and records
  6. Here, you can also get API information for connecting to API.

Next, Bonnie will give you a more detailed description and explanation of these six settings categories

Connect to Bot

Here, you can check the fan page/LINE account to which the bot has connected as well as the connection status of your fan pages and other bots.

【BotBonnie’s Tips】1. Connect to LINE official account 2. Connect Bot to fan page 3. Connect to Instagram business account

【BotBonnie’s Note】Free “Starter” version users can only connect one fan page; “Essential” version users can connect one fan page or one LINE account or one Instagram; “Professional” version users can connect multiple fan pages/LINE/Instagram accounts.

Co-editor Settings

Here, you can invite multiple members to edit the same bot together and set their editing permissions.

【BotBonnie’s Tip】
The free “Starter” version bot can only be edited by 1 person

The “Essential” version bot can be co-edited by 10 people
The “Professional” version bot can be co-edited by 20 people

After clicking the green “+ Add Editor” button at the top right, select the role (only the “Admin” can edit the bot). Lastly, send the generated link to the members you want to invite.

Notify Customer Care Channel

【BotBonnie’s Note】The “Notify Customer Care” Action is a paid PRO version feature!

When the trainer has a specific step in the process that needs to trigger Notify Customer Care, you make the setting here to notify customer care through LINE Notify and add a channel for notifying internal personnel. As long as a user triggers Notify Customer Care, a notification message will appear on LINE!

Click the green “+LINE Notify” button at the top right. After logging in with the LINE account and password, you can select the LINE chat you want to connect to. To delete a connected LINE chat, just click the trash can icon to the right of that LINE chat.

As mentioned above, “As long as a user triggers Notify Customer Care, a notification message will appear on LINE.” The content of the message and the time of appearance depend on where the “Actions” is set.

Let’s look at Bonnie’s fan page as an example. Bonnie has set the “Notify Customer Care” Action in the place entered by the user within the “Leave a Question” module. So, when the user leaves a question, there will appear a message in Bonnie’s LINE chat to notify Bonnie’s customer care to deal with the message, whose content is the question left by the user.

Bot Status

When the bot is working abnormally, you can go to the “Bot Status” checklist, where you can check the status of the bot, including the Number of People Broadcast, the Status of the Growth Tools, and other functions, as well as the status of the channel. The color of the light before each item represents a different state.

【BotBonnie’s Tip】For the meaning of each light, see the upper right of the Bot Status checklist
Green means Healthy
Yellow means Limited
Red means Inactive
Gray means Need to Upgrade Bot

If there is a monthly subscription fee for the platform, the “Number of People Broadcasted” field will display “Number of People Sent Broadcasts/Maximum Number of People Broadcasted,” making it easy for users to check the use and amount of broadcasts.

If the bot has a Facebook fan connection, enter “Channel Status Evaluation” to view the “Facebook Platform Status,” “Granted Permissions,” and “Fan Page Access Token” of the currently connected fan page.

If the “Facebook Platform Status” lights up red, click “Learn More” on the right to check the progress of the problem on Facebook. If the “Granted Permissions” and “Fan Page Access Token” are lit red, the error can be debugged immediately by the fan page admin simply pressing the “Fix Now” button on the right.

Fan Page Access Token Troubleshooting

Also, how do you tell whether you are a fan page manager? Just go to the left side of your fan page to manage it. Click “Settings” to enter the fan page settings, select “Fan Page Roles”, where you can view the five role permissions for the fan page and see what role you have. You cannot perform the troubleshooting of the above fan page token issue if you are not an “Admin.” You need to be executed by a colleague who is listed as an admin on the fan page roles.

Go to the fan page to check your own fan page permissions role

Billing Details

If you need to confirm which plan you are currently using or if you want to adjust your plan, go to the “Billing Details” page and click on “Change Plan” in the upper right corner to view or adjust your current plan.

Enter the “Change Plan” page to switch to a new plan or view the prices of different plans. Here, there are three sub-pages, “Free”, “Paid” and “Custom,” that you can use for search and reference.


When you need to call BotBonnie’s API from the server, first, you need to check the APIToken provided here by BotBonnie. Use the APIToken for source security verification, to make the API take effect.

There are “copy” icons next to “API Secret” and “API Token” that you can click to copy their content.


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