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We want to accurately provide content to the customers most suitable for that content, improve product sales opportunities, increase user retention platforms, and let users feel that we understand their needs, or even that we understand them better than they understand themselves. In that way, they can become more loyal users.

BotBonnie leads the industry in designing a mechanism to increase successful conversion of users. Use the “Tag Confidence Index” to understand the level of user activity on the platform, and find target audiences suitable for specific types of activity! Through the automated/manual tagging system, BotBonnie provides analysis of tagging effectiveness to correct user profiles and preferences, obtain the most valuable list of users, and conduct segmented marketing to users with the most representative tags.

Use automated tags to find representative users with those tags

The trainer can check the User Tag Confidence Index to see whether the Tag on a single user has sufficient reference value and gain information on the user being tagged. Just find user data and tag information from the “Audience management” on the BotBonnie bot backend, click on the user’s avatar, and move the cursor to the user tags. There, you can view the time when the tag was last applied, and the confidence index calculated by the number of times the tag was triggered.

The confidence index is calculated based on the number of times the user has been tagged and the comprehensive tagging time distance score. 1-10 points indicate the level of the confidence index. As the number of tagging times increases and the time distance becomes closer, the User Tag Confidence Index will be higher, and the user’s preferences and characteristics will be more representative.

As shown in the figure below, both users are tagged only once, but each has a different confidence index due to the difference in the time of tagging. User A was last tagged with the “purchase” tag on 2021/08/27, the number of tags was 1, and the tag confidence index was 1.1, which may be low, meaning that if the trainer recommends the product to this user for purchase, the probability of success may not be high.

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Comparison of the two confidence index scores

With tag color grading, you can see the tags that best represent users at a glance!

BotBonnie uses 4 color grades to help you quickly identify users representing the highest confidence for each tag. The confidence index is graded by 2.5 points. As shown in the figure below, you can see that the user’s tags are divided into darker and lighter colors. The brighter the color, the higher the confidence index for that user tag. If there is information corresponding to the tag characteristics, that means the user is very suitable to broadcast to!

Confidence index score color grading: Second highest score, lowest score

Confidence index combined with broadcasts, two powerful tools for precision marketing

BotBonnie allows you to be the first and most accurate marketer in the industry, making customers love, hate, and see you as a soulmate! Calculate the user’s usage frequency and time through the bot backend. Classify each user’s activity level with respect to different tags, so that you can accurately carry out personalized push events to specific users.

As long as the trainer selects the push broadcast group according to the user tag confidence index in “Broadcasts,” selects the “User Tag Confidence Index” through the “Add Rule” drop down menu and sets the tags and scores to filter, they can be differentiated according to the nature and requirements of the event to more accurately deliver information!

For example, when new products arrive and you want to push special deal information to those who have purchased and have been continuously active, you can set the confidence index Rules according to certain event budgets and goals, find the precise audience that meets your business needs, and maximize the marketing benefits.

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Tag grading system and accurate user representativeness—an industry first!

Chatbots on the market often use “tags” to show whether each user is interested in certain topics, products, and activities, and use tags to push relevant information and products to the user. Nevertheless, they often face the reality of… The tag being out of date! The user needed it at the time but no longer needs it at the moment of the event; that is, it was unable to provide the appropriate service at the right time, and the user was lost.

When the tag has a level, it can truly represent the user profile! We can see the importance of tag levels by reflecting on behavior patterns. Since our preferences are often affected by time and environment, and are not fixed, dynamically adjusting the user preference profile according to the trigger frequency and time is exactly the pain point that today’s precision marketing wants to solve!

Leading in the industry’s “tag confidence level” can help you solve the problem of precision promotion, allowing you to easily find your target audience for each activity, identify the most representative users for a tag at a glance, and help you collect user lists after the confidence level is filtered automatically, before exporting and saving as a .CSV file. In the past, this extremely valuable user data could be used for more penetrative marketing promotion, and advertising remarketing performance can be improved!

Just go to the “Audience management” page and select the “User Tag Confidence Index” to filter users using “Add Rules.” You can immediately find the most representative core users for the tags you’ve specified!

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