Import user data

Transfer data on your own, without needing help from the engineering team! Upload the user identification code (UID) with one button to quickly move your user data! When you have one of the following three situations, the import list function can help you avoid a lot of hassle!

If you use (or have used) other bot platforms and want to switch to the BotBonnie platform; if you are a BotBonnie user but want to switch to a different bot; or if you want to add user data collected after advertising to the bot. As long as you have the User ID, you can upload to the platform for transfer.

What is a user identification code (“User ID” or “UID”)?

Each FB/LINE user account has a unique internal identification code called a User ID, or UID. The User ID and the ID set by the user in the social media account have completely different formats and purposes.

When using a chatbot, since it uses the MessagingAPI, all functions, such as receiving messages and sending messages, need to use the User ID to represent the identity of each user in the API. Therefore, if you have used bots to interact with users or collect user data on the FB or LINE platforms, you will get the user ID of the user. You can then use this information to transfer users.

As shown in the figure below, the same user has a different UID in each channel. The UID format of FB is a 16-digit number, such as 2130348823650403; the UID format of LINE is a 33-character alphanumeric string, such as U08e6a24e950bea7e36bcbf9cbe05ff9c. When uploading the user list, remember that the UIDs of the two channels are completely separate and not interchangeable!

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User ID view

Import the UID—just one click and you’re done!

You only need to upload the data with the UIDs you’ve collected through the “Import Users” button on the BotBonnie Audience management page. If the API determines that it is legitimate, it will automatically become your bot subscriber!

First, go into the BotBonnie bot backend. Click on “Audience management” on the left to view the “Audience List,” and then click the “Import User” button on the right to upload the .CSV file with the UIDs to the platform.

Click on “Audience management” in the menu on the left to view the “Audience List”

Add a personalized tag to create a new user profile

After entering the import screen, select the channel you want to import to. It must be the same channel as the user UID data you have (FB Fan Page/LINE), and then select the user UID to upload from that channel. Here is an example of what happens when the UID format does not match the channel: the first set of data is a UID for the LINE OA. Although the UID can be imported, it will be displayed as “Unknown.”

If you export your user list from the BotBonnie console, you can just upload the file when you want to upload it to another bot.BotBonnie provides you with the easy transfer of user UIDs to the BotBonnie console. It can also help you tag the same group of users uniformly. As long as you enter the tag you want for this list in Step 3, it can help you build group profiles immediately. Lastly, click the lower right corner to confirm completion of the import. After a moment, refresh the page to see new users that have been imported!

【BotBonnie’s Note】
LINE/FB channels can only import UIDs of friends of the respective accounts. If the UID format does not match, it cannot be imported, as in the following: Wrong UID: You’ve selected Messenger but uploaded a LINE UID.

Import UID process: Select the designated channel, import the UID of the respective channel, and tag the newly imported list

If your LINE OA account is a certified account of “blue shield” level or higher, when you choose LINE OA to import, “System automatically obtains user ID” will appear, allowing you to directly import all friend UIDs. If you have a UID file, you can upload directly, and it will import the user list you want more with higher accuracy!

【BotBonnie’s Note】
Official LINE accounts can be divided into three types: “Premium, Verified, and Unverified.” Premium is a Blue Shield. You can become a Blue Shield by submitting an application to LINE.  >> Apply

When you click “Confirm import”, the system will automatically import the user data for you. It may take some time, depending on the size of your data. After waiting, you can refresh the screen to see if new user data has been imported.

Start import screen

We can see that the .CSV file uploaded by “UID Import” contains 7 UID data sets of the original FB channel and 1 user UID of the LINE channel. Although both UIDs have been entered correctly, Step 1 specifies import to the FB channel, so one of the UIDs does not match the channel, so the system will present it as “Unknown.”

View the Audience List after importing the UID: Abnormal import, import 8 users with designated tags

Import the same UIDs repeatedly, but add different tags

If you obtain multiple UIDs through different methods, different tags will be added to each upload. When there are duplicate sets of user data, you can still upload as normal. Duplicate users will be presented with different tags.

Precautions when importing UIDs

If, after importing users, the current user level limit is exceeded, and the BotBonnie engineering team is not asked to set a protection limit, additional charges will apply for the excess user data. If the protection limit is exceeded, your list can still be imported normally, but the bot will not respond to some users. In that situation, you need to ask the BotBonnie engineering team to adjust the protection limit.

It is recommended that you check your own upper limit before importing new user lists. If it looks like you will have an excess of data, it is recommended that you contact BotBonnie’s online customer service.


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