Mentioned brands on Instagram Stories to enhance brand awareness

Redirection with Tags in Instagram Stories to Make Every Fan Your Brand Ambassador

What else can you do on Instagram? In addition to the Post Auto Reply we previously mentioned, the other strongest unique function of Instagram is Instagram Stories. Brands can use Instagram Stories to engage fans in bilateral interactions such as votes, guessing games, and a two-choice multiple choice quiz. In the past, brands were required to actively reach out to fans. With the BotBonnie bot, you can turn your passive brand into an active one so that when a fan mentions the brand account in an Instagram Story, it automatically receives a designated message from the brand that enhances loyalty and interactions.

Take out your mobile phone right now and post any Instagram Story with the tag @botbonnie_tw, and you will receive instructions we have meticulously prepared to help you increase the number of fans on Instagram. Take a look at the latest features on Instagram!

📌 Before starting the setup tutorial, please make sure that the Instagram business account is bound to the BotBonnie console!

📌 Remember to set your personal Instagram as public to actively trigger the automatic tags Instagram Stories.

Steps for Setting Tags in Instagram Stories

1. Add Instagram Post Comment Reply Tools

First, go to the BotBonnie platform and select “Growth Tools” in the menu on the left, click “Add Growth Tools” in the upper right corner, and a list of tools will pop up. Click the “Mention Auto Reply” tool to start setting Auto Reply for Instagram Stories.

Add Instagram mention auto reply

2. Set Event Name and Select Instagram Account

After entering the “Mention Auto Reply” settings page, enter a memorable event name as the name of the Growth Tool to facilitate follow-up and editing. Next, use the dropdown menu in the Instagram Post column to choose the Instagram business account for the mention auto reply.

Select Instagram business account

3. Set Campaign Period

After selecting the Instagram business account, set the campaign period, the period during which the brand uses a bot for auto reply when a fan mentions the brand. There are two formats: Recurring operations: Constant Auto Reply and limited operation period:Auto Reply is only activated during the designated period. Simply set the period based on the requirements of your event.

Set the operation period

4. Set Default Reply Message

The Default Reply Message refers to the default content automatically sent to fans by the BotBonnie chatbot after the user mentions your business account in an Instagram Story. First, set the name of the Default Reply Message. You can set several private response messages and the system will randomly send one of them to the fan.

Default Reply

Let’s talk about how to set the “Default Reply Message.” First, click “Add Default Reply” at the bottom left corner, and name the default reply in the pop-up window for subsequent tracking. Next, enter the private message you wish to send to the fans in this event.

Default Reply

5. Add private response

The private message received by the fan when he/she tags the brand can be in text, image, carousel, delayed message, and JSON format. You can include up to five messages in one private response message. You can also set several private messages to create the effect of random responses.

Scenario 1. One set of private responses

If you only wish to add one set of response messages, click “+ Add Reply” to add the private response message. After you complete editing, click “Save” at the bottom right corner to complete editing.

One set of private responses

Scenario 2. Random Reply: Multiple sets of private response

If you add multiple private message responses, when a fan tags the brand account in an Instagram Story, the bot system will randomly select one of the messages to reply with. By setting multiple responses, it can help you achieve a richer reply method that is more like to a real person, allowing you to post a reply that is more interesting!

Random Reply: Multiple public and private messages

The newest great function of the Instagram chatbot is the “Instagram story tag response”, which automatically takes fans into a small box for private messaging and interactions. It helps the brand reach out to fans for seamless bilateral interactions to create more interesting and creative interactive scenarios.


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