Create A New Bot

1. Enter the BotBonnie platform homepage

Click the “Log in” button on BotBonnie’s official website and enter the platform homepage. If you do not have a BotBonnie account, you can click here and register an account for free.

2. Create a new chatbot

Enter the BotBonnie bot console and you can see that you can add two free bots. Simply click the “+” on the screen to add a new bot.

create a new bot
create a new bot

If you still don’t know how to create a bot from scratch, you can choose from the multiple “themed template bots” we provide. They include built-in comprehensive chatbot procedures. Simply modify the existing copywriting based on your requirements.

multiple template bots

After you choose to use a blank module or a template, name your bot (bot name will not be seen by consumers). Click “Edit Flows” in the bottom right corner to enter the flows editing page.

Name the bot
Name the bot

If you select a blank bot, you will see a blank flow screen and you can create flow contents based on your requirements.

👉 Let’s learn how to build your first own chatbot in 5 minutes! We will take you through module set up, messages, buttons, and deployment.

3. Edit chatbot

If you wish to see the bots you currently have, click on the BotBonnie logo on the top left corner to return to Manage Bots.

Click on the BotBonnie logo on the top left corner to return to Manage Bots.

You can click on the “ellipsis” button on the top right corner of every bot to edit bot name, copy, or delete bot.

Edit bot
Edit bot

Congratulations! You’ve completed your first chatbot. Let’s start more applications.

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