Jaguar “J Share Test Drive Rewards”

“J Share Test Drive Rewards” Transformed Car Owners into Brand Ambassadors

The British automaker, Jaguar, is committed to building beautiful cars with spectacular performance. Any Jaguar model instills a sense of confidence with its sleek and formidable design and power under the hood. People who have driven a Jaguar know just how great they are. Jaguar owners are therefore the best brand ambassadors, as they can communicate Jaguar’s unique charms to their friends to encourage more people to experience the unique raw power and aesthetics of the brand.

In the “J Share Test Drive Rewards” campaign, car owners can share their unique links to invite friends to make reservations for test drives, and bring potential customer groups into the show rooms to view Jaguar car models up close and enjoy the thoughtful services. After completing the test drive, both the car owner and the friend can receive points which can be exchanged for gifts.

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Car Owner MGM Invitations Resulted in Test Drives by 25% of New Users within 60 Days

Effectiveness of the J Share Test Drive Rewards campaign
Effectiveness of the J Share Test Drive Rewards campaign

BotBonnie used the MGM kit to help Jaguar car owners share event information on both Facebook and LINE with their friends and relatives. It includes a game-like point gathering scheme for both parties to earn points. In the two-month campaign, the recommendations of existing car owners created astounding 3:1 results, as every three car owners attracted one new user.

However, acquiring new users is only part of the process. When setting up chatbot flows, we seek to increase brand exposure and enhance user motivation for interactions. The most important part is to use campaigns to enhance conversion in the form of product purchases. BotBonnie strengthened the promotion process to engage new users online,encourage them to visit showrooms and take test drives. Up to 25% of the new users fulfilled the conversion target for this campaign.

The BotBonnie team has extensive experience in facilitating test drive reservations and activities in the auto industry. We helped Jaguar make use of a chatbot for online test drive reservations. We provided assistance with professional consultants as well as BotBonnie’s MGM kits and comprehensive flow design to increase the conversion rate of user engagement on all levels. We also created 25% of the core users for future new businesses.

Difficulties with Online Test Drive Reservations? Jaguar Achieved 25% Conversion Rate in Three Steps

Car Owners Spread the Word to Increase Rebates and Identify the Most Promising Fans

Jaguar believes that the individuals most capable of communicating the strengths of their vehicles are the car owners who have always supported the brand. Jaguar used the “spread the word” idea for car owners to share their exclusive links with friends, who can use the link to enter the fan page, discuss with private messages, and make reservations for test drives. When a new user completes a test drive in a showroom, the user receives points and the car owner who referred the user can also receive points.

BotBonnie uses the MGM kit to help Jaguar set up a one-stop friend invitation and dialogue process for car owners to get an exclusive link when they enter the event. When the car owner shares the link on a social media platform and a friend clicks on the link, they become the referrer and referred. After the referred completes the MGM criteria, the BotBonnie bot will send a message to the referrer for the user to verify their completion of the invitation mission.

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J Share Test Drive Rewards
J Share Test Drive Rewards

In addition to the simple and smooth invitation process, brand owners can also export the recommendation report file on the BotBonnie platform to view the car owners that have become super referrers, and obtain information on the new users who were truly directed to show rooms. With the MGM performance report, we can classify car owners with ease and use the 80/20 rule to invest more resources on the strongest referrers in future campaigns. This will help campaigns achieve more results with less resources and engage core users.

Invite Friends and Win Points and Gifts with Ease

The design of Jaguar’s “J Share Test Drive Rewards” campaign provides both car owners and new users who take test drives in showrooms the opportunity to win reward points. The BotBonnie point gathering kit can help users gather points and redeem prizes in the chatbot dialogue. It displays the brand’s point gathering cards with comprehensive information for users to view the points in the point gathering card as well as redeemed points and products, and complete point redemption on their own mobile phones.

Point gathering card gift redemption page
Point gathering card gift redemption page

Automatic Compilation Reward Redemption List with Point Gathering Kit

The point gathering console settings in Jaguar’s “J Share Test Drive Rewards” set the number of points distributed so that users with points can redeem gifts with ease. We use the BotBonnie point gathering mechanisms to avoid cases where points are awarded but cannot be redeemed due to insufficient number of gifts. We set the number of points required for redeeming each gift, gift quotas, and the maximum number of points that can be distributed to achieve flexible use in campaigns.

In addition, the brand can also use the console settings of the point gathering kit to view redemption information of car owners online, organize gift distribution and delivery, and streamline the complicated procedures for compiling user information.

Automatic Compilation of Reward Redemption List with Point Gathering Kit
Automatic Compilation of Reward Redemption List with Point Gathering Kit

Complete Test Drive Reservation with Online Q&A and Compile User Data in Cloud

The most important goal in the “J Share Test Drive Rewards” campaign was to increase the number of users taking test drives in show rooms and develop new business opportunities. We therefore chose the BotBonnie Survey Kit for the last mile of the entire process. The user provides user information in the Q&A information dialogue to make test drive reservations. We also updated user and chatbot conversations in cloud tables for the brand to download user data with one click for follow-up reservations and communication.

The Jaguar project used the Survey Kit to collect users’ basic identity information, the showroom visited, and car models of interest. When the brand receives the information, they can identify the target audience when they update or launch related vehicles in the future. It will help them achieve precision marketing, make more effective use of resources, and obtain more business opportunities.

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Use the Survey Kit to obtain user information
Use the Survey Kit to obtain user information

For the actual process, please see the video:

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