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From 1989 to 2019, Eslite has set up 49 service locations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Suzhou, and Shenzhen. It organizes more than 5,000 art and cultural performance activities a year and it has attracted more than 200 million visits from across the world as it continues to consolidate and manage its culture and creativity industry platform.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary milestone, Eslite crafted a series of art and marketing activities related to dreams in the “The Land of Dreams and Imagination.” It also created a series of challenges for interactions with communities in the “Dreaming – Land and their Dream-Building Process”. Eslite used the BotBonnie chatbot and tier-based challenges to introduce 10 heroes from different fields to users.

Let’s take a look at how Eslite planned and used chatbots for marketing their 30th anniversary and the astounding effects of the activities.

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Reached 770,000 People on Facebook with 75.2% Chatbot Completion Rate

According to the results of the event, the top three indicators were as follows: Total number of people reached, number of people engaged in interactions, and completion rate. The “Dreaming – Land and their Dream Building Process” chatbot event exceeded the target in just three weeks (March 27 to April 17, 2019) with 771,900 reached and a completion rate of 172%. It engaged 70,000 people in interactions and the completion rate of users in all chatbot processes was 75.2%.

Chatbot event total messages
Chatbot event total messages (BotBonnie Dashboard function)

Dream Building – Small Things can Become Spectacular

1. Focus of the Campaign

People around us go beyond limits as they work on this land. These 10 dreamers may have different dreams and goals but they have one thing in common: their belief in their inner voice and their commitment to maximize their potential. Eslite selected and interviewed 10 dream builders from different fields to use their stories to teach people one thing: small things can become spectacular.

Ten Dreams topics
Ten Dreams topics

2. Campaign Objectives

Eslite used a highly interactive post to reach users and used the chatbot to design tiered challenges. It used a lucky draw event to increase the completion rate with the ultimate goal of directing users to Meet Eslite and read the ten interviews of dream builders, which teaches readers how small things can become spectacular.

Three Major Strategies for Chatbot Design

1. Use test to package a post to increase total reach and number of messages

Eslite used the “test your hidden famous person trait” test and a lucky draw event as incentives to encourage users to leave messages on posts and interact with the chatbot. The design strategy and BotBonnie’s Post Comment Reply function increased the number of messages on the event post to more than 11 thousand.

The hidden famous person traits in the tests included: Osamu Dazai, Audrey Hepburn, and Albert Einstein. Choose different celebrities to start interactive tests for ten different dreams.

2. Design lucky draws for tiered challenges to increase participation and completion rate

The user can select a famous person as the challenge host after receiving a private message in Messenger and start the dream building event.

Eslite created a 10-challenge game which the user was not required to complete (as was often the case in traditional games) to be eligible for the lucky draw. Instead of forcing users to take the time to complete all the challenges, Eslite offered tiered challenges and rewards (win 3 challenges to be eligible for the lucky draw of prize A, win 6 challenges to be eligible for the lucky draw of prize B, etc.) to encourage users to voluntarily complete the game. This increased users’ willingness to take part in the game (a total of 7,874 people started a conversation on Messenger). The increase in the value of prizes based on the number of challenges completed inspired users to complete all challenges and thus increased the chatbot completion rate.

BotBonnie’s segmentation tag function also helped Eslite track the number of users who completed 3 or 6 challenges to compile a list of users eligible for the lucky draws of different rewards for the lucky draw.

3. Use URL for challenges and redirection

Challenge mode: Link to the complete story of the dream builder → question → look for answers in the story → return to Messenger and press a button to answer the question → continue the challenge. The questions revolve around the stories of the ten dream builders. If users do not read articles, they cannot successfully answer questions and complete the challenge to win prizes. Eslite connected the challenge to Meet Eslite with URLs. The chatbot design created high levels of traffic and increased the exposure rate of the website which increased the number of return visitors.

Messenger interaction process for the “30th Anniversary Dream-Building Challenge” event
Messenger interaction process for the “30th Anniversary Dream-Building Challenge” event

Easy-to-Use Platform with Spectacular Event Results

Just how easy is it be to use the BotBonnie platform?

As employees in other Eslite departments already had experience in using BotBonnie, they learned that the BotBonnie platform is easy to use and simple to operate. The Digital Marketing Department began using BotBonnie to create a chatbot for Eslite’s 30th anniversary event “Dreaming – Land and their Dream-Building Process.” They discovered in their actual use that it is indeed easy to operate. They can also find instructions in the Bonnie Tutorials and if the issue still cannot be resolved, they can send private messages to the editor of the fan page or send an email to BotBonnie for assistance and instant answers for their questions.

Increased Number of Messages and Reach

Eslite’s 30th anniversary event “Dreaming – Land and their Dream-Building Process” attained a much higher reach compared to other events that did not use chatbots. The performance far exceeded the expectations of Eslite employees because they had found in past experience that it is very difficult to encourage users to leave messages. However, the BotBonnie chatbot completely exceeded their expectations. By setting Post Comment Reply, they were able to increase the number of messages and thereby increase the reach of the post.

Chatbot Article Sharing Increased Reach and Completion Rate

Eslite employees found that compared to posting articles on the fan page for marketing, placing articles into chatbot flows encouraged users to read the articles with much better results. The campaign raised the KPIs for both reach and completion rate. Instead of simply dumping information for the reader, increasing the users’ acceptance and control over information by repackaging it for marketing and incorporating it into an interactive process will ultimately yield better results.

Please describe BotBonnie in one sentence:

“Their rapid troubleshooting and response speed effectively resolves issues with excellent service.”

BotBonnie is grateful for every company and user who chooses our services. We have witnessed many success stories that can be shared with others. We serve as more than a simple service provider of interesting and eye-catching game, strategic marketing, or user experience service chatbots. We also learn different ways to use chatbots from users and grow together.

We learned many useful ideas from Eslite’s success story interview which will also help more people learn about the ways for using chatbots for marketing. We are very grateful to Eslite.

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