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Chatbots provide instant, uninterrupted services, which have the advantage of reducing the need for customer service personnel, prompting many companies to switch to chatbots as a tool for use in customer service and marketing. However, it is still difficult to find a chatbot with a complete process design that can solve all user needs without mobilizing a real customer service representative.

BotBonnie launched the “Live Chat” function exactly in response to this issue! There are six major features to use in “Live Chat.” Not only can you respond to users who need to speak to customer service representatives on the BotBonnie operating platform, but you can also aggregate user messages from both the Facebook and LINE channels. All user issues across different channels can be viewed on one interface, and from there you can further engage in one-on-one conversation

1. Simple operation interface, easy for customer service staff to get up to speed.

BotBonnie adopts the design of the FacebookInbox interface, and uses five types of folders to distinguish between messages: The Main folder, Done folder, Unread folder, Spam folder, and Follow Up folder make it easier for customer service staff to reply and categorize and get quickly up to speed. In addition, you can view the customer service messages from both the Facebook and LINE channels so that the messages are not neglected!

“Live Chat” function control interface

And with the use of bots, the functions of the Main folder and the Done folder are strengthened. Let Bonnie show you how the folders work!

Main folder

When the user triggers Notify Customer Care, the user will be classified into this folder, and the user’s bot status will be turned off so that the bot will not disturb the conversation between the customer service staff and the user.

Assign a customer agent

Through the assignment function in the Live Chat, you can gather all the messages with which the user triggered Notify Customer Care, so that the Customer Agent can quickly reply to the user in the same window, improving operational efficiency.

If we have set the bot in advance: In the Notify Customer Care channel, set up the contact to transfer to real service personnel. It is usually recommended to relay it to the company’s customer service staff. If the user interacts with the bot, the “Notify Customer Care” Tag is triggered and the customer agent is directly assigned from the “Main folder” as a priority. As long as you select the assigned customer agent’s name in the third field, you can give priority to replying to the problems that a real person can solve!

When the user is moved to “Completed” the bot status will be turned on. The action “move to/mark as” can be performed in the “Function Menu” in the upper right corner of the middle block

Done folder

All conversations generated during the interaction between the user and bot will be in this folder. When the user is moved to this folder, the bot status will be turned on.

When the user is moved to “Completed” the bot status will be turned on. The action “move to/mark as” can be performed in the “Function Menu” in the upper right corner of the middle block

【BotBonnie’s Tip】Customer service staff can mark the user’s message with three dots on the upper right corner to facilitate following up! e.g.: Unread messages, Spam, Follow Up.

Adjust user subscription status

In Audience and Live Chat, Bonnie has added a “subscription status” field, allowing trainers to directly view and adjust the user’s subscription status.

You can directly view the user’s subscription status next to the user avatar; click “Subscribing” to cancel the user’s subscription status.

【BotBonnie’s Note】If you don’t see the message in the “Main folder”, don’t worry quite yet. It may be because the user is still interacting with the bot!

2. Integrate dual channels, get everything all on one page

If you bind multiple Facebook fan pages or LINE accounts under the same bot, you can see the message content of all channels in “Live Chat.” You don’t need to switch between channels to reply to customers, making it easier for customer service to reply!

Live Chat can respond to messages from both LINE/FB channels

3.Guide users to the bot message Flows to make customer service responses more efficient

In the process of customer service replies or promotion and marketing, we often need to repeatedly reply to users with the same message. That is where “module message” comes in. It is a tool that saves time and effort when making responses of the same nature. You only need to create the message in the bot Flows in advance. Then you can select the corresponding module message to reply with when needed.

See the following two steps to easily create your reply module.

First, create a reply module in the bot Flows. When a user asks a similar question, you can select the module message with which you want to reply in “Live Chat.”

4. Advanced search functionality makes customer service more efficient

You can see the message content of all channels in “Live Chat.” If you want to find a specific user or multiple users, you can try searching for the “user name”, “message content”, “user tags” and other keywords to find the corresponding user. Customer service screens users with similar behaviors through search for faster and complete, responses!

Three-steps search function: 

1. Magnifying glass search: Click the 🔍 (magnifying glass icon) to open the search function.
2. Enter the information you want to search for: User name, user tags, and message content are all within the scope of the search.
3. Grasp 5 big categories at once: Looking at the keyword “find customer service” as an example, a search for a user’s tags matches this search!

Live Chat search function

5.Customer service is not merely service for the customer—making Live Chat even more powerful

A lot of beneficial information can often be obtained from the process of messaging users, such as the user’s suggestions for product improvements, or the interests of the user. Therefore, when using the Live Chat function, you can also put a “User Tag” on User Demographics, so that when you use push notifications, you can more accurately push the information that the user needs or wants. You can also list it in the Audience List and export users as the audience for advertising.

📚 Supplementary tutorial: Export users to build Facebook advertising audiences

6. Live Chat RWD, great customer service with just a phone

In addition to using chatbots to create modularized messages to reply to customers, Bonnie also provides two functions mentioned above, Live Chat and Notify Customer Care, allowing customer service staff to be more integrated, efficient, and immediate in customer service, but still requires full-time customer service staff sitting in front of the computer and replying to messages, which greatly reduces flexibility! How can the customer service bot service be enhanced to the extreme?

Mobility, immediacy, high efficiency, and integration of dual channels—BotBonnie can help you do it all!

Just enter the URL on your bot’s editor screen (bot ID URL) on your mobile phone, and you will be redirected to the “Live Chat” function page, where you can reply to all user messages in the LINE/FB dual channel with just one phone. Some features from the desktop version are also available on mobile! You can also filter the folders and messages with the funnel and magnifying glass in the upper right corner, making replying to messages more efficient!

Live Chat mobile interface

【BotBonnie’s Note】Users of the Starter free version will see the paid version!
【BotBonnie’s Tip】If you don’t know how to connect to your bot, you can directly click >>Manage Bots

Responding to customer service messages on your phone is so easy! It’s just like chatting with your own friends!

First, click on the user message window to which you want to reply. You can reply in four message formats (manually enter text messages, send files, send pictures, and send bot-message modules), with the response quality of your phone not being reduced in the slightest. You can choose the dialogue module of the Flows page to increase customer service efficiency! In addition, you can also click on the exclamation point icon next to the user’s name at any time to list and edit the User Demographics, Tags, and parameters. Finally, the upper right corner keeps the function of editing the message status.

“Live Chat” mobile interface functions at a glance

Experience dual-channel integration, making for concise and efficient messages with users!


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