LINE Smart Link

【BotBonnie’S Note】This function can only be used by the bot when it is connected to a LINE account. It does not support Messenger!

Quickly accumulate segment information; just click on the link to add a tag

To properly manage the official LINE account, you must provide the right information to the right people through the Segment Tags. Therefore, we use the usual group broadcasts and the links in the rich menu to allow brands to tag their users by clicking, and then track the number of clicks and segments on the LINE rich menu; further, we can also make Segmented broadcasts for these tagged users.

Let the helper demonstrate how to use “LINE Smart Link” to accumulate segmented data!

1. Add LINE Smart Link

First, go to the menu on the left and click “Growth Tools”; then go to the upper right corner to “Add Growth Tools.” We provide six Growth Tools for use. Here, select “LINE Smart Link” to enter the editor screen.

Select “LINE Smart Link to start conversation module”

2. Edit LINE Smart Link content

When setting up the bot, name the event first to facilitate subsequent management. Then enter the “guide URL” that you want the user to click on for the LINE Smart Link; after that, we need to add tags or parameters to the link, so by setting the “Actions“, we can record the user’s tags of interest and behavior characteristics, including: Add/Remove Tags, Save User Parameter.

Finally, remember to select connection to the LINE OA channel, click “Generate” and “Save” in the lower right corner, and after that the LINE Smart Link and QR Code will be automatically generated!

Edit Smart Link

Now the LINE Smart Link has been set up! When you send this LINE Smart Link to the user or set the LINE Smart Link on the rich menu or text message button, the user will be tagged with the user tag that was originally set after clicking, allowing you to easily accumulate audience lists!

3. LINE Smart Link Performance Report

After setting up the short link, the most important thing from the perspective of a marketer is to analyze the event data, so you can analyze the performance of the event through clicks on the short link.

View performance

【BotBonnie’s Tip】The four icons on the right are, Copy the link, view, edit, delete orderly.

Peformance report summary

From the report summary, you can see the total number of clicks on this Smart Link so far: total number of click/scan unique users and total number of clicks/scans.

report summary

ormance report – Detailed data

You can also view the changes in the number of daily clicks within a specific time interval, namely the number of click/scan unique users and the number of clicks/scans.

Click / Scan Unique Users
Number of clicks / scans

Congratulations on learning how to use the LINE Smart Link!


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